Is Wikipedia Marxist?

According to this article,, the author claims Wikipedia is Marxist for its refusal to allow his editing of an article on Fr. Charles Coughlin:

“As a Father Charles Coughlin scholar, I tried on several occasions to edit the Charles Coughlin article for truthfulness. Easily discerning its severe Marxist spin on Father Coughlin - who for over a decade stood firm against Marxism and warned of its propaganda inroads into America - I attempted to put the article straight. But each time it reverted to the Marxism spin, as if my editorial input had not existed…Do you get the gist? Father Charles Coughlin was such a brilliant Catholic priest - equally fighting communism and nazism - that he is still a threat to the strongly-embedded cultural Marxism of our day, known as ‘political correctness.’ So the battle is on. If we are now to have ‘Patriotic Correctness’ we must have an “Ameripedia” where truth is told and with editorial watchdogs refusing Marxist propaganda inroads.”

This article was written in 2007, so I do not know how accurate it is today. Any thoughts?

i dont know about being marxist, but i can assurdely tell you that it is not an accurate site by any means.

That is a SWEEPING generalization that is simply not true. There are a great deal of articles about the Catholic Church that are actually quite accurate. And this is only one topic.

Am I saying the site is perfect? No. But making sweeping generalizations such as “it is not an accurate site by any means” is a bit much. :rolleyes:


liz im sorry you disagree, but with the current system where anybody can make or edit pages, it is not reliable or accurate as a whole. yes there may be parts that are just fine, but you cant really know without checking their sources. theres a reason it isnt accepted when citing for serious research.

Quite a number of pages are taken directly from the 1913 encyclopedia. Often, those pages are locked from editing.

Does it espouse marxist theory? Not in my experience; most of the contributors I know (especially in the Alaska work group) are radical arch-conservatives.

It varies. I myself contribute often, mostly on games. Tho’ I did add some notes to minor orders.

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