Is Worshipping Allah Idolatrous for Catholics?

I’m not sure if Allah and God are the same maybe somebody can clarify that for me. Would it be idolatrous for Catholics to worship Allah in Islamic rituals? For example is it wrong to use a prayer quilt and practice Islamic prayer?

The Bible is Clear about this point. That Names do Matter.
The name for the God of Abraham is Yahweh, I am, Jehovah, Jesus, Christ, etc.

The words God or Lord are more generic referring to Yahweh or Jesus.

I’ve read that originally “Allah” was a generic term for the leader god for Middle Eastern pagans. Translated as Head god. Later Mohammad said that Allah is the name of the one and only god.

The real problem is who does the Koran say that Allah is. The Koran says that Allah told Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael not Isaac. That the Jews are not the chosen people of God. The Koran doesn’t state that Jesus is the Son of God, he’s only a teach and prophet. Muslims don’t believe in Salvation by Grace through Faith as the Apostles taught us. They don’t believe in the sacrifice on the cross. As a Christian I always pray in the name of Christ Jesus.

I’ve seen on the internet that the Koran may state that Allah was capable of deception which I don’t know for sure but if true is a major miss characterization of Jehovah.

The Bible Teaches that Christ is the one and only way to Salvation therefore Christians should not encourage Muslims in their worship of Allah, simply respect them and educate them on Christianity when they are willing to listen but never force the issue. Forcing the issue is persecution and Christians should always avoid being connected with persecution. Persecution is a sign of a false church (spirit of antichrist).

It is the Holy Spirits who convicts people and makes them curious about Christianity. We should always be prepared to be his witness.

Actually the Koran (Qur’an) doesn’t mention Ishmael’s name during that event.:eek:

In several countries the word Allah is used by Christians since it is an Aramaic (actually “Alaha”) the translation of God. In fact, even Jews use it, I think. :o

However, bowing on the mat, (towards Mecca) is a Muslim practice. Thus, don’t do it.


I’m not sure if Allah and God are the same maybe somebody can clarify that for me. Would it be idolatrous for Catholics to worship Allah in Islamic rituals? For example is it wrong to use a prayer quilt and practice Islamic prayer?

Islamic rituals, because they are Islamic, deny Christ and the Holy Spirit, so you can’t participate in them.
But why would you even want to participate in these? There is such a wide variety of legitimate Catholic means of prayer. What is it specifically that attracts you to these rituals? I’m sure someone here can help you find a legitimate Christian devotion that you like just as much.

Using a prayer mat (a prayer quilt would probably be a totally different item) is part of Islamic rituals and only to be used by Muslims; the same would go for practicing Islamic prayer.

The only time I was in a mosque during prayer time I felt a huge need to pray my prayers and recited The Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary, silently throughout.

If you attended a Mass in Arabic you would hear the word ‘Allah’ as that is the Arabic word for ‘God’, but it has come to be thought of as exclusively Muslim.

I am new here, I mean in the sense that I am in RCIA, but I would have thought the benchmark is that a Catholic can participate any religious worship they choose, as long as, and on the condition that, those other religious people are acceptable to share in the Eucharist.:slight_smile:

The Allah of the Quran denies Jesus as his son. I think the conclusion should be obvious.

God is the valid God, no matter how we humans may choose to label Him. Shakespeare eloquently summed up that which is in the following line - ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’.

As for the veracity of Muhammad’s brand of ‘Allah’, well for me the problem lies with Muhammad himself in his personal life, his words and deeds and large aspects of his nature - according to the Islamic ‘Trilogy’ and other Islamic narratives, including those purported to come from his own followers and the likes of Aisha, his favourite wife.

Would God allow an important ‘messenger’ of His to be fooled and influenced by Satan - no matter how ‘briefly’? Would God say one thing and then go back on His word? If Muhammad’s brand of Allah is the ‘true’ one, then why the ‘Satanic Verses’? -Verses he preached as true until ‘Allah’ had a change of mind. :confused: :rolleyes:

I was taught by the Jesuits over 65 years ago that it is sinful for any Catholics to participate in any religious rituals other than those of the Catholic Church. That was well before Vatican II. I still believe that is valid.
However, although I firmely believe in the Mass as it is said today, I am still uncomfortable in hearing Protestant originated hymns being played and sung at Mass…like “Away In a Major”, which was composed by Martin Luther, at Christmas time

Without being rude, I would have nothing to do with Islamic worship as I do not know enough about Islam to know who their God is.
My God is the God of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is enough for me now and for the rest of my life.AMDG

I heard that the first time Muhammad received a message from “the angel Gabriel” he was afraid and hid because he thought it was a demon. Based on the messages he received, I would say his first impression was correct. Yes, there are some elements of Christian truth, but they are very twisted (very much like a demon, have just enough truth in there to cause confusion). Islam could sort of be described as a Christian heresy. We need to pray for the conversion of Muslims, especially people in Muslim countries where they do not have religious freedom to study Christianity, and if they do convert they are killed.

Sounds about right, and see, I thought it was only me. :slight_smile: Nothing exclusive about Allah-Islam in this regard-worship. I agree with George, learned behavior I suppose.

Isn’t Allah just the Arabic word for God? I would definately avoid the Islamic ceremonies.

I suppose so, I don’t know how much of an issue the translation holds or where the translation occurs. I suppose in the Syrian Church before Mohammed.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Muslims worship the same One God of Catholicism.

That means that Allah and God are the same Point of Adoration for Muslims and Catholics alike.

Anyone who insists on saying anything different to you is going against the official teachings of the Catholic Church … They are whispering evil suggestions to stain your soul with hatred.
Beware those people, no matter what religious affiliations they have…



Pax Christi!

Can you give the section (or paragraph, whatever it’s called) in the CCC for this?

Thanks much!

God bless.

I am not too sure about Catholics participating in “any religious worship they choose”. In general we are not allowed to worship in other churches. Here is some more on the topic from
Fr. Vincent Serpa Fr. Vincent Serpa

And what do I make of the person who insists on telling me to worship God our way not His way?

Yes. I agree.

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