Is wrong to take free classes on the internet?

For a while, I’ve been wanting to learn to play the piano/keyboard, so I searched for some tutorials online. But then a thought came to my mind, that maybe by taking free classes could be sinful, as I’m not paying for them, thus depriving an actual teacher from a salary.

Maybe this may sound silly (as I also admit it sounds absurd), but I don’t feel comfortable deciding about the morality of this, as I think I would end up deceiving myself in order to do something incorrect.

Am I being logical or am I thinking too much about it? Beforehand, thank you for your time.

Its is only wrong if payment is asked for and you don’t provide it. What you are doing is no different than if someone simply volunteered to teach you for free.

Also, keep in mind that its not necessarily true that just because someone offers something for free that they are not getting paid in some form. Many websites that offer free content also make money through advertisements.

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