Is your faith tradition Pro Life?

Just curious if your local church or faith supported the recent Walk for Life. Mine participated.

My local pastor recommended it so I went, especially since I’ve always considered myself to be Pro-Life, although I’ve rarely done anything in public to show my support. It was an eye-opener. I saw many Catholics, especially since the event started on the street in front of the main Catholic Cathedral in my city. The local bishop made a fine impassioned speech about the need to overturn Roe vs Wade at the steps of the cathedral.

I saw a large group of Orthodox holding up a large cross walking together, a group of ‘Lutherans for Life’, as well as some folks that I assumed were Protestant evangelicals, Pentecostals, and such, who held signs with Pro-Life slogans such as, “Abortion stops a beating heart”, etc. They didn’t seem to be quite as organized but were very enthusiastic.

**Just curious if your faith tradition supports, opposes, or is non-committal on Pro-life issues. **

Unaffiliated Christian here :stuck_out_tongue: technically I suppose “non-denom,” but all the churches I’ve attended have been pro-life as far as I know.

Thanks for the info, Kliska.

I was mainly interested in knowing if there were any faith traditions (Christian or otherwise) whose official position was Pro-Abortion. I recently watched the Leah Remeni series on Scentology where it was alleged that their female “Sea Org” members were routinely asked to have an abortion if they got pregnant. I was just curious if there were any other faiths that didn’t see abortion as morally wrong and didn’t see it as the taking of an innocent life.

Yes. We also do the LifeChain annually.

I remember reading somewhere that there is a strain of thought in, I believe it is Reform Judaism, that for the first 40 days after conception, all that exists is water. This would be at odds with pro-life, at least from the Catholic POV. I don’t have source for this and would welcome any clarification of this Reform Jewish POV as to whether it is valid or not.:confused:

Hello Tommy,

As far as I know there are no pro abortion churches although since the prolife crowd helped to saddle us with Trump I'm sort of leaning that direction out of spite.  The proper naming of the two groups would be pro choice with regards to leaving the decision to the mother with regards to an abortion.  The prolife group would be more accurately defined as non choice since they want to take the ability away from the woman.  Some churches  are pro choice under certain circumstances such as if the woman was raped.

Baha’is do not support abortion of an unwanted child but there could be circumstances where abortion may occur for medical reasons…

“Abortion merely to prevent the birth of an unwanted child is strictly forbidden in the Cause. There may, however, be instances in which an abortion would be justified by medical reasons, and legislation on this matter has been left to the Universal House of Justice. At the present time, however, the House of Justice does not intend to legislate on this very delicate issue, and therefore it is left to the consciences of those concerned who must carefully weigh the medical advice in the light of the general guidance given in the teachings.”

(From a letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to the National Spiritual Assembly of Ireland, March 16, 1983)

(Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 343)

I would agree. The debate is not about pro abortion or pro life. But is more on what should be legal in regard to a woman’s right to form her own views and to make her own choices and decisions with regard to her conscience on this matter. And to what degree. And with regard to her own faith in such circumstances as her church or faith community might allow.

I would disagree; there are those that were and are literally pro-abortion, such as Margaret Sanger, we could term them anti-life.

As to the OP, I do know that some Christians still believe in the “breath” idea; that a baby doesn’t have a soul until they breathe their first breath. How they explain John leaping in the womb at Jesus in womb I have no idea. :frowning:

I don’t know how they explain Jesus.

Yes it is. I follow Sufism, which is a mystical denomination of Islam. The Qur’an affirms that the fetus is indeed a unique and distinct person-- not a part of the woman’s body. Surah 39:6 says “He [Allah] creates you in the wombs of your mothers”. Moreover, the first passage of the Qur’an that Muhammad [peace be upon him] received was surah 96:1-5. In verse 1-2, it says “Recite in the name of your Lord who created - Created man from a clinging substance

So I think it is clear; it does not say that the developing baby became human at a certain point in time-- no, it says that even when it’s sticking to the wall of a uterus, it is part of mankind. The Qur’an also clearly speaks against abortion. Surah 17:31 says “And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you.* Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin***”

In most cases as the Savior?

I believe pro-choice is misleading since the father doesn’t get a choice and neither does the baby.

Well, I mean, was he not alive before he drew his first breath?

I would go so far as to say the Catholic Church is the only body that is consistently pro-life.

Maybe the same way that they don’t take it literally that Jesus was a door or that all of Creation was done in 6- 24 hr days with the evening and the morning as 1 day? Many Christians are not literalists. Fetuses do move though. I think it is called “quickening”. But not right at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Except its catechism does still allow capital punishment in rare if not nonexistent cases. There are conservative Catholics though who seem to support the state taking life in more than just rare cases. Or who don’t look at the lives of, say immigrants, in the same way the Pope or bishops might. Or how climate change could affect life or they want to outlaw a woman deciding about the value of her own health or life or her family’s lives or how carrying a pregnancy in cases of rape or incest could affect her life or the lives of her family.

Thanks for sharing. That is an interesting perspective.

Maybe because if we’re going to have legal laws such as Roe, the ultimate choice has to be with the woman whose womb the fetus resides? At least for the first trimester before states can pass restrictions as many have.

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