Is your parish offering more opportunities for Confession during Lent?

I mostly attend my geographical parish which is only 1 1/2 miles from my house. As far as I know, they aren’t altering or adding more Confession times to their regular schedule (half an hour on Tuesdays, an hour on Saturdays, and by appointment). There will also be a seasonal Reconciliation service.

Sometimes I attend my old parish across town, and I noticed that they have added extra Confession times for Lent, which I think is awesome! They’ve added an extra hour on Wednesdays (for a total of two hours) and Saturdays (for a total of four hours, two in English and two in Spanish). Additionally, on Ash Wednesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, a priest is available for Confessions from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm. They will also have a seasonal Reconciliation service.

What about your parish? Are they affording more opportunities for Confession during Lent?

Yes, they are offering more chances. I will be availing myself of a chance to go in the evening during the week soon.

I will be going tonight :thumbsup: God bless you

Other than the seasonal penitential service—which, in all fairness, is actually more of a penitential day as it generally lasts around 10-12 hours—no additional confession times will be offered in my parish during Lent. In fact, there will actually be fewer opportunities to confess, as certain activities are cut back or eliminated during school vacation periods and both Adoration (during which confession is available) and scheduled confession are two of them. :mad:

I will jump through all kinds of hoops to get to my weekly confession (confessing by appointment, going to other parishes, etc.), but most people shrug and put it off until the next time scheduled confession is available in the parish itself.

My parish always has a LOT of opportunities for confession for the congregation, so I don’t think they need to add times; there’s already plenty time and then some for the people.

Yes,my parish always has a community penance service .Additionally parishes throughout the diocese offer the same opportunity.No excuse for not finding a time or date that will work.:wink:

We have a few rexonciliation services in addition to our normal few hpurs sat afternoon and evening

We do not have a set confession time at our parish. They are having one penitential Mass before Easter but outside that nothing really is being done for Lent. It’s not surprising though. When they do try to organize opportunities for Confession nobody comes. :shrug:

When I joined the Church two years ago all the Catholics I spoke to found it SO STRANGE that I adored Confession. They still do. ):

That said. I have made an appointment to go to Confession this week with my family. I’m very excited. :slight_smile:

No. Our parish offers no regular schedule of confession. It is by appointment, only, same as always. And getting an appointment isn’t easy as our one priest has several churches to cover over a wide distance.

There is one reconciliation Mass with a few visiting priests who help out. We are asked to keep our confessions short and sweet and to only mention our most serious sins due to the crowds and generally say our penance together en mass BEFORE confession to keep things moving along. All confessions are face to face, usually one in the kitchen, one in the sacristy and one priest in the first pew. We are expected to exit immediately upon confessing.

Not so great, but it is what it is for our rural region.

I hear ya! I’m very much in a similar situation! It’s not easy eh?

We have eight functioning churches, some stand alone parishes, most in a conglomerate type parish of some sort (three parishes total). But each of the eight churches is planning to host one community penance service with all the priests from each parish being available. This is in addition to all the regularly scheduled weekly reconciliation times.

I am feeling very blessed right now after reading what some of you have to do to go to reconciliation.

Me too!

Yes, my church is offering several opportunities along with normal confession times.

*]February 28, The Light is On campaign–all parishes in the Denver Metro area will have confession from 4 PM to 7 PM, or as Father M said “till the last person is done”.
*]Parish Lenten Mission-bringing in additional priests from the surrounding parishes, 3 nights, March 3, 4 and 5.
*]The week before Holy Week–will have confession every night for two hours.

Yes, most of the parishes have added confession times or have another confessor available for all normal times through out Lent.

Many parishes also offer communal penance services, with several priests available for individual confession.

This year, our Apostolic Administrator (our Bishop retired in September) issued a directive for a “Day of Penance” the Tuesday of Holy Week.
All churches must be open for confession from 12:30pm to 7:30pm. :slight_smile:
He also issued a directive that did away with “general absolution” penance services that had become the “norm” during Advent & Lent in a few parishes in the diocese. :thumbsup:


No, its not easy. In addition, our priest does extremely short homilies to accommodate his travel schedule. And he talks so fast we have trouble understanding him (Irish brogue). But at least we still have the Mass.

Families with little children love it because even Easter Vigil only goes 1 hour or less - he leaves out a lot of the readings. Christmas vigil lasted 45 minutes. Regular Mass seldom goes over 30 minutes.

Sometimes it takes longer to get to Mass than the Mass itself!

Our entire diocese is participating in “the light is on” adding confession hours every Monday of lent in every church in the entire diocese…from 5:30 to 7pm… it is a wonderful blessing!:smiley:

Heck no! Our parish barely offers confession as it is. It is NOT a priority. 5,000 registered families and maybe 4-5 people in line for confession every week.

Yes, they are offering more opportunities and are having a reconciliation service. Our priest has said he will stay as late as necessary on confession days.

Ours is doing the “we’ll leave the light on for you” thing as well. However, Monday isn’t one of the days offered.

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