Isaac Asimov - Foundation Trilogy

I’ve just got done reading #4 in the 'trilogy". I’m not sure what I’m going to read next, but I plan on reading #5. I understand that there are also 2 prequels.

Here’s my question though. Has anyone read the “Second Foundation Trilogy” that was written after Asimov’s death by Benford, Bear, & Brin? I’m wondering whether they’re worth reading, whether they take one to the 2nd empire, thoughts on them, etc.


Personally I’d stop at Foundation’s Edge. After the first trilogy, the books really declined in quality – by the last one, Asimov tries to bring his three big series together (Foundation, Empire, and Robot) and it just doesn’t work. I haven’t read the ‘second trilogy’, but I’ve read some other stories by at least one of the authors and wasn’t terribly impressed.

Thanks Mirdath.

I liked the original trilogy, but Asimov’s later additions to it seemed to me less than satisfactory. And I agree with Mirdath that his attempt to tie in the previous robot novels didn’t work. I haven’t read Benfor, Bear & Brin books.

As I recall up through “Second Foundation” they were really clever and well-written. Then he took a long time off in between. Somewhere in there he got into this whole “Gaia” business with the planet being like a super-organism with a life force of its own and all that. Bunch of hippie nonsense. Anyway, that shows up in some of the later books, which really turned me off.

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