Isaac Newton's 'philosopher's stone' recipe discovered


(CNN)Harry Potter wasn’t the only one after the philosopher’s stone.

Isaac Newton’s recently discovered manuscript is his handwritten copy of mid-17th-century Harvard alchemist George Starkey’s procedure for producing “sophick mercury,” a substance seen as a main ingredient for the philosopher’s stone, a fabled stone used in alchemy.

The document had been in private hands for most of the 20th century. The Chemical Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia, acquired the 17th-century document through an auction in February.

“The significance of the manuscript is that it helps us understand Newton’s alchemical reading – especially of his favorite author – and gives us evidence of one more of his laboratory procedures,” said James Voelkel, curator of rare books at the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Othmer Library of Chemical History.


In related news, another Newton recipe was also discovered recently involving eye of newt.


HIs fig recipe is my favorite.




Does anyone actually believe if some method for turning a base metal into gold, was discovered, they would make that public for all to read? LOL

Heck, even when an invention is ‘too good’ it is classified thru the invention secrecy act of 1951, so the public can never have access to it.

If they did…price of gold would drop like a rock very quickly.


The Fed could do it without a philosopher’s stone. All they would have to do is raise interest rates significantly and gold would plummet.


I thought it was Nicholas Flamel…


Not likely to happen. They’re talking about decreasing rates to below zero. And they have no exit strategy, except to keep quiet and just let the bonds expire during the next 30 years.

I buy small gold coins for my nieces and nephews. The dollar can do whatever it wants.


They showed how to do it on an old Superman episode.

But they used platinum bars to do it. :slight_smile:


But it wasn’t written in Latin. :slight_smile:


I mean honestly, don’t people read? :stuck_out_tongue:


Im not sure about anyone else, but I had heard successfully turning a base metal into gold involved a little more than just basic chemistry and ingredients, if Im not mistaken, there was some ‘spiritual/ supernatural/ mystical things’ that must take place as well.

I do believe Alchemy is possible, I mean, look at how long people have been trying to do it, if there was truly nothing to it or it was not possible, it would have died on the vine centuries ago, although I dont think its something just anyone could do either, even if someone did figure it out, I still think it would require the ‘right’ kind of person to achieve it.

As much as we hate to admit it, there is QUITE a bit about this world we do not understand yet, Id say alchemy and similar things fall into this category.


This does make me wonder how someone as smart as Newton - arguably one of the smartest people who ever lived - could have believed in alchemy?


It could be done, it’s just more expensive to transmute an element nucleosynthesis and the needed nuclear materials are not readily available to the public for good reason.


If you really want to be amazed, look at some of the things Nikola Tesla was working on, and/or had plans for…they were so incredible and beneficial, the majority of them had to be classified and locked up for good!!

Strange we dont see many people with this level of intelligence anymore, In fact I cant even remember the last time I heard of some groundbreaking invention, seems like we have kind of ‘plateaued’ so to speak, or more than likely, new inventions are being held back.

(See Invention Secrecy act of 1951), its amazing to me they can get away with this.


I was reading somewhere that in fact people are getting smarter (despite all appearances!) than they were two or four hundred years ago simply because the ubiquity of modern technology spreads more knowledge into every corner of our lives than ever before. In other words more people today are able to attain their intelligence potential than in previous centuries.

I’m sure it’s an arguable point though.


Yeah, I dont know about that, look at all the new inventions that were coming out around the turn of the century, from what Ive read and seen, there were always new inventors publicly demonstrating their new inventions, of course some were flops, but many were real and worked, Tesla did this. Look around today, when was the last time you saw anyone even make a claim to have come up with anything close to groundbreaking or something that would change our world?

The last thing I can think of was when the Segway was introduced, but that never went anywhere, it never changed how cities were planned and built as the inventors originally stated it would.

I believe that pesky ‘Invention secrecy act of 1951’ is why we are not seeing any of this groundbreaking technology come to fruition…its there, but locked up in some Govt database, so no one can access it (JUST LIKE MANY OF TESLAS PLANS), point is, if a new invention is ‘too good’ the public cannot have it.


Saying people are getting smarter or dumber is a somewhat different argument from saying that the pace of technological change is slowing. My impression is that the pace has accelerated greatly since the days when I was a kid but that’s a subjective call, and a lot of that involves information and communications technology, so I can’t really prove it and I could certainly be wrong.


Here’s my grandmothers secret recipe…



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