Isaiah 22:15-24 "over the house"

I’m doing the Gospel of Matthew study with Jeff Cavins. In week 15, which is Matthew 16, we discussed the papacy.

NOTE-this thread is not to turn into a discussion on whether or not there should be a Pope

Jeff used Isaiah 22:15-24 as one of his examples of a prime minister position in the Old Testament. He said that the Hebrew word for this prime minister type office was “al beit.” My spelling my be off, but this translates to mean “over the house.” In the NAB, it reads “master of the palace” in the KJV it reads “over the house.” Since Strong’s is meant for the KJV and it is the only exhaustive concordance that I know, I look it up and it referenced only the house portion and spelled it “bayith.” I didn’t get much more information than that.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any references that might give more information on this office of the “al beit” in the world of the Old Testament Hebrew. (and maybe the proper spelling…haha) I believe that this is also talked about in Kings with King David.

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Hi, there.

You’ve got a challenging road ahead of you in managing Hebrew translations of Scripture. :slight_smile: I was not able to find a suitable Hebrew resource to help you in your specific question.

However, CAL apologist Marcellino D’Ambrosio has an article on this very book that appears to support the translations you appear to need, even if it doesn’t note the specific Hebrew words. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

This was great! Thanks. I’ll look into it more and see if his references give me the information I need.

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