Isaiah 22:22 and the Papal Office


There is some talk nowadays that Isaiah 22:22 is a foreshadow of Matthew 16:19, and the notion is that the Papacy Office is a fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

The challenge put forward to us in the Eastern Christianity forums is find an early Pope who references Isaiah 22:22.

Is the popularity of Isaiah 22:22 a modern theory; Or was there references to it in the early centuries?


There’s already a quite lengthy thread on this:


What do you mean by “modern”? My Douay-Rheims Bible cross-references that from Matt. 18:16.



Peter as the prime minister is not limited to the rule of one nation under an earthly king, but as the deputy he is now to govern the whole world under a heavenly king. St. John Chrysostom understood this when he praised Peter with these words, “At all events the master of the whole world, Peter, to whose hands He [Jesus] committed the keys of heaven, whom He commanded to do and to bear all.” (Homily on St. Ignatius)



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