Isaiah 24:5


What is your take on this verse, it says essentially that things have gone haywire under what God sees as people not following his laws. My church (LDS) says that this was a prophecy related to how their idea of a “Great Apostasy” came about, but I question that among other things about mormonism now, what does this verse really mean?


Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the other prophets are speaking of how the Jews have left God to follow “pagan god’s”. Remember the Jews were sacrificing their children to other god’s. In Isaiah I think it says, God is upset with Jerusalem b/c it ha given the wedding gifts that he gave to her when he took her out of Egypt, and is now giving those gifts to other men (meaning other gods).


All verses must be read and understood within the context of their overall meaning. Here is a link to Isaiah 24 in the Haydock Commentary. Reading Chap. 23 leads into it.


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Scripture is considered to be a seamless whole - all of it relates, in some fashion, to the rest. Isolating verses is something that is error by itself.


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Context is everything. Take the example of calling someone an idiot. If it is a good friend, it will bring laughter. If it is a stranger, you risk violence.


This verse is speaking about the general rebellion of all humankind or what some refer to as universal morality (the Noahide laws).

The verse reads:

The earth is polluted because of its inhabitants,
for they have transgressed laws, violated statutes,
broken the ancient covenant.

There are two points in this verse to consider:

*]The earth and its inhabitants
*]The ancient covenant

Note that the “earth and its inhabitants” are spoken of as violating the “ancient covenant.” This could not be a reference to the Mosaic Law covenant, for that covenant was made only with the children of Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai. Of this the Scriptures themselves testify:

For what great nation is there that has gods so close to it as the Lord, our God, is to us whenever we call upon him? Or what great nation has statutes and ordinances that are as just as this whole law which I am setting before you today?–Deuteronomy 4:7, 8.

Psalm 147:20 explains about God:

He reveals his word to Jacob;
to Israel, his decrees and judgments.
He has not dealt thus with other nations;
*he has not taught them his judgments.–*Italics added.

Note that no nations except for Israel were given the Law covenant. So what could Isaiah 24:5 be speaking about?

God’s gave commandments to all humankind through our ancestor Noah and his children that were part of a covenant between God and all nations. (Genesis 9:4–9) After explaining his commands for all earth’s inhabitants, God tells Noah:

See, I am now establishing my covenant with you and your descendants after you.–See also Genesis 9:12-17.

It is this “ancient covenant” that has been broken that Isaiah speaks about. The covenant demands that human life be cherished and that no human blood be spilled in murder. Unfortunately earth’s inhabitants have not obeyed, and Isaiah prophecies regarding a future time when all humans will be held accountable for how well they have lived up to this Noahide covenant.


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