Isaiah 65:20 Living a Hundred Years

How does the Church interpret this verse: “No longer shall there be in it an infant who lives but a few days or an old man who does not round out his full lifetime; he dies a mere youth who reaches but a hundred years, and he who fails of a hundred shall be thought accursed.” Protestants and Jews typically interpret this verse as Millenarian, but the Church rejects a physical reign of Christ for one thousand years preceding the Final Judgment. It can’t be a reference to the World to Come, because there is still death, nor was this fulfilled at Christ’s first coming. What then, does this verse mean?

D-R Bible, Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 20. Fill up. To die soon was deemed a misfortune, Psalm liv. 24., and Exodus xx. 12. Virtue is the measure of the Christian’s life, and God will reward those who labour even late, Matthew xx. 13. — Accursed. This age will not be spared. Both just and wicked shall be immortal in eternity. (Theodoret)

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One can die as a youth by simply becoming a man.

Even on a man of 100 years = a simple youth his error will find no excuse.

No. A youth who grows into manhood has not died.

Even on a man of 100 years = a simple youth his error will find no excuse.

What does that mean? The equation does not equate.

The Church has not officially defined this verse. We are free to understand it in any way that does not contradict over arching Catholic Doctrine.

When the days of youth are over he has accomplished his days if youth.

Those days will never come back and it is as if he were dead to those days

in the same way you are dead to the physical and mental state of your 3 mont old past life.

If no infant will live but a few days that infant must grow to become a boy and youth.

The youth will reach a hundred years and still be considered a youth.

If he dies physically a mere youth, he will not round out his own full lifetime and never will become a man.

If he becomes a man he has finished his days of youth, being dead to those past days at 100 years.

Death is a complete radical change of life.

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