Isaiah 9:10 judgements in relation to modern times


I was reading this yesterday and it seems to fit together all too well for it to be written off as coincidence, curious what everyone thinks about this, I mean, there is no denying what all those politicians said, the certain things that took place before and after 9-11.


That website is nowhere near Catholic. Not even close. It is run by former Mormons who have left the LDS church an found their own evangelical religion/faith.

Anyone who studies scripture seriously knows that Isaiah is talking about the invasion of Israel by the nation of Assyria and the deportation of the Jews in 740 BC and again in 722 BC.

Isiah’s prophecy has been fulfilled. It has nothing to do with modern times. Forget it.



Interesting post/You do not have to be Catholic to see the moral decline in the USA either.We were once a great nation under God but now we are ruled by secrecy and elitism. I wonder how much longer God is going to put up with us. It is like our legal system has gone mad! It appears to me that there is no longer a legislative branch at all. Laws are interpreted at a judges whim.


The writings of the Prophet Isaiah have nothing to do with this.



So, all those statements by politicians, all those things happening, are just coincidence?


Yes. Forget it.

The writings of the Prophet Isaiah are not prophecy about US politicians in the year 2015 nor anything to do with the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

As to the website which states these things, what is the sound a duck makes?



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