ISIL removes cross from Mosul cathedral [CWN]


The jihadist militant group that controls approximately 40% of Iraq and 30% of Syria has removed the cross from the dome of the Syriac Orthodox cathedral in Mosul, according to a report …



No one seems to care that a new round of persecutions against Christians is taking place…

They have no right to do this!


That is very sad. :frowning: I really wish that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and everywhere for that matter would end as soon as possible. But then again I keep remembering that Jesus told us that we would be hated for the sake of His name.

That said, I have to wonder if there is any progress being made in defeating ISIL?


It won’t be made by the US, since we are the ones who funded them (they were the rebels in Syria that we supported)


Yeah that is true unless the United States decided to intervene in an armed conflict in Iraq again. I did hear that there were special forces from the United States in Iraq which are fighting ISIL but I can’t remember where I heard that from and I honestly don’t even know if it’s true or not.

That said, I would not support us going to war in Iraq again to fight ISIL. The reason being that I would consider it to be an unjust war. If I understand Just War Doctrine correctly, only a defensive war where we would be defending our own territory from invasion would be justified. Again, I could be wrong.


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