ISIS and Kurdish female fighter


What would the Catholic perspective on this be? If she is about to be captured by ISIS who, it seems pretty clear, would cut her head off–is what she did a sin?


The beheadings are reserved more for the men while women suffer in other ways, being made a slave, etc. though according to news stories there are more than enough stories of killing women as well it seems. I thought though that ISIS often makes the women witness the violence they, ISIS, perform .:frowning: But in turn, who knows, we are told they kill children as well. Most likely this has happened.

At least, this is my understanding, the brutality being inflicted over there is too much to take.


Yes, I saw a photo of an IS jihadist soldier carrying the severed head of a Kurdish woman, so I think their brutality of beheading extends to women, too.


No, she is a hero. She laid down her life for humanity. Just like in a war people could defend themselves by shooting the enemy, this female fighter killed herself to avoid being tortured after doing her best to protect other people. She sacrificed her life, she is a hero. War is a special situation, especially dealing with ISIS. May God bless her soul and may she rest in peace.


The Kurds plan on fighting to the death in Kobani. They won’t leave but draw as many in as they can. This will be a problem to come…

The likely fall of Kobani may mark an irrevocable breach between Turks and Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Many of the 30 million Kurds in the region believe that, if Kobani falls, it will be because Turkey refused to help its defenders as they faced repeated Isis assaults and cut them off from reinforcements and fresh supplies of weapons and ammunition. “We are besieged by Turkey, it is not something new,” said Ismet Sheikh Hassan, the Kurdish Defence Chief for the Kobani region.

The already faltering peace process between the Turkish government and its Kurdish minority could be a long-term casualty of Kobani, particularly if its capture is accompanied by ritual massacres of surviving defenders by Isis.

Thats why the women fighting for the Kurds are sacrificing. …

“A terrible slaughter is coming. If they take the city, we should expect to have 5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours,” Kurdish intelligence official Rooz Bahjat told The Atlantic. He said the massacre would be worse than Islamic State group actions at Iraq’s Mount Sinjar, where fighters surrounded and threatened ethnic Yazidis. The incident helped bring U.S. forces directly into the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

We are right there and should help them to prevent the women and men from perishing to murderers. Saving Kobani may not be our issue but walking away from those people is a woeful mistake.

The women spoken about are committing an unselfish act. Axiom of international issues are resulting, probably somewhat intentional, obviously the Kurds are serious and are not running.


Turkey is a Nato ally? They are cowards willing to sacrifice others to demean the Kurdish minority. This should not be forgotten by America, but of course, under the present administration, it will be swept under the carpet of obsequious diplomacy that is the mainstay of their discussions with the Middle East.
What amazes me is that our Australian SAS are going to be wasting their time training the Iraq army! This is the same army that evaporated at the slightest threat, leaving massive U.S. Munitions, tanks and weapons that the ISIS are using so effectively. Our men are highly trained killers of the highest caliber and are sent to these places to keep in practice. Waste of time.


NATO has abandoned the Kurds. They claim IS isn’t moving around in large numbers. If they were to fly over Kobane they would find plenty of targets. Considering IS has around 80% of its forces there. Who knows perhaps Turkey wont allow NATO to do it? Because they are one of the main allies of IS.


I think you’re right. Turkey is a de facto Islamist state under Erdogan. Whether it can be anything else in the future remains to be seen.


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