ISIS beheads 150 females, including pregnant women, for refusing to marry terrorists


ISIS beheads 150 females, including pregnant women, for refusing to marry terrorists

Last Updated: Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 11:48

Baghdad: As the world along with Pakistan mourns the death of children killed in the dastardly carried out terrorist attack in an army-run school in Peshawar by Taliban, reports of more violence from another brutal terror group have emerged.

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This is the real war on women.


I’ve no idea if this is true but an Israeli news agency reports Iran getting involved. What a mess over there.

Arutz Sheva


Indeed. This is so ghastly I can’t even bring myself to joke about it.


ISIS wouldn’t have gotten this big if the United States wouldn’t have supported the ones who were fighting against Syria’s President Assad when he was fighting against ISIS.


Here’s an interesting commentary: ISIS threat: What Team Obama doesn’t want you to know


And ISIS wouldn’t be so big if a dictator like Assad and the elder Assad were not so iron fisted over 30 years and did not have support likewise from a foreign power.

**Assad regime ‘executes 131 detainees infected with the plague’ **

When their were relatively peaceful protests in Damascus, some were shot down.

Did Syria have a Nazi showing them how to torture prisoners?

Catholic writer from Unity Publishing:

However even when I was there, the Christians were a second class race of people. I had a full time driver who taught me a great deal. They have a jail that is at least 15 floors deep in the ground with a bear at the bottom. Any people causing disruption in the prison are fed to the bear. That prison and the Palestinian camps cannot be photographed or even looked at.

Let’s not forget, the brutality also stirred this on too.


Totally, utterly predictable that something like ISIS would get at least tacit Sunni support as an enemy of Iran. There is probably nothing in the M.E. that Sunni Arabs fear and hate more than Iran. Nor is there any limit to Iranian ambitions. So, the chief Sunni cleric says Iranian troops in Iraq are committing atrocities similar to those of ISIS. No surprise there.

As little as I, personally, know about foreign affairs, even I knew when Obama was first elected that this would happen, it was so easy to predict. The Sunni, Shia and Kurds all begged us to stay because they knew it too. But Obama cut and ran so he could say he “ended Bush’s war” and claim to be the victor in it besides.


I agree with post #8.

Here is some story, a Texas Plumber sold one of his trucks through AutoNation and the truck has ended up with ISIS! Strange.


Here are some links that show the Sunni vs. Shia aspect of this:

ISIS joins forces with Sunni Saddam loyalists in bid to take Baghdad
Conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims seen as escalating across Middle East
Malaysia: Over 100 people arrested in latest Sunni crackdown on Shia Muslims

Indonesia: Sunni Muslim majority pressures Shia minority to convert to Sunni
Aussie Sunnis Threaten U.S. Shias on Mecca Hajj
Al Qaeda-Linked Syrian Rebels Goof and Behead One of Their Own, Mistaking Him for a Shiite
Detroit Shia Muslims say they were attacked at Hajj by Sunnis from Australia


Well, I suppose many of these women, if not all of them, are martyrs.

And every soul who belongs to Isis shall live no more than 100 years and then go meet his creator.

Those who do not enter by the Gate of His Mercy, shall be compelled to enter by the Gate of His Justice. and I shall be glad to see the day.


Are these the rebels supported by the Americans?


The Obama admin tries to argue that they were supporting the “moderate” anti-Assad rebels. But I don’t think there’s a real difference among them because the fight in Syria is Sunni vs. Shia. And all of anti-Assad fighters are Sunni and have been fighting Assad because he is a type of Shia. I think the Obama admin/Western media have been trying to make false distinctions with the anti-Assad so-called “rebels” when they are all the same.


So sad. Seems lately my prayers have been working overtime because of sad news like this.


Ah, just makes females pine for the loving arms of your local terrorists! Not exactly the way to win over the love of your life I’d say.

What do you gals say? Are you yearing for true romance in an Isis camp?

Yikes! We’ve just been attacked by Isis. :eek:



Looking at this photo above of the Isis convoy reminds me of a well stocked F-22 sending a special delivery to those terrorists who find themselves most in need this time of year.

Sorry ISIS, but you’ve earned it.


Syria Deeply: Rebel groups, specifically those considered acceptable to the West, have been weakened by infighting and the fight against ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and the Syrian government. Are we facing a situation in the future where the moderate rebel groups will be completely squeezed out?!

There are plenty of examples of the rebel groups fighting each other.

When an American was killed in Syria, it was the Syrian Free Army that killed him. The American was fighting for ISIS.

American Fighting for ISIS Is Killed in Syria

The rebels who killed him were fighting for the Free Syrian Army, a rival group backed by the United States, and they went on to behead six ISIS fighters — but not Mr. McCain — and then posted the photographs on Facebook.

Popular revolutions just like in Cuba, often see the moderate forces edged out and the radicals come to power.

Unless this was staged, I don’t know if I buy that but we can’t be sure of any news out of there.


exactly and where are the NOW type groups. They are MIA.


:sad_yes: May they rest in peace.
:signofcross: :signofcross: :signofcross:

[quote=JamlChristopr]And every soul who belongs to Isis shall live no more than 100 years and then go meet his creator.

Those who do not enter by the Gate of His Mercy, shall be compelled to enter by the Gate of His Justice. and I shall be glad to see the day.


Islam in Syria total population:[1] Sunnis make up 74%[1] of the total, mostly of Arab, Kurdish and Turkoman ethnicities. Shia’s make up the remaining 13%:[1] Alawites are the predominant Shia group, followed by Twelvers and Ismailis. Sunnis are mainly of the Shafi’i madhhab with pockets of Hanafi and Hanbali. Several large Sufi orders are active in the country, including the Naqshbandi tariqa, and Qadiriyya. Although not traditionally considered as Muslims, the Druze make up 3% of the total population.[1]

You’ve got to notice those percentages, Sunnis 74%, Shias 13%. Those are sadly, difficult odds for the Assad administration. It probably also indicates how the governing has been in Syria.

Kurds are largely Sunnis as well I think we know but that hardly means they are fighting on the side of ISIS.

1982 saw a town shelled:

The Hama massacre (Arabic: مجزرة حماة‎) occurred in February 1982, when the Syrian Arab Army and the Defense Companies, under the orders of the country’s then-president, Hafez al-Assad, besieged the town of Hama for 27 days in order to quell an uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood against al-Assad’s government.[1][2] The massacre, carried out by the Syrian Army under commanding General Rifaat al-Assad, effectively ended the campaign begun in 1976 by Sunni Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, against the government.

And as indicated, Muslim Brotherhood was involved in the uprising.

It is little wonder, that those who were done wrong in the past might dish out severe reprisals. I only say that because some people see this blame game in simple terms.

If we believe in Democracy, it is very unfortunate the Shias are evidently a minority.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Assad had gotten some arms from Iraq in the past.

Syria is really where ISIS became more powerful though I am sure many foreign combatants are there.

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