ISIS Calls for Attack on First Baptist of Dallas: Church Rejects 'Spirit of Fear'


But the threat of an ISIS fire bombing has not deterred the church.

“The Bible tells us the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear,” church officials told KXAS. “If we surrender to fear, ISIS wins. We will continue doing what the Lord has called us to do.”

The ISIS magazine reportedly included pictures of the church, along with a list of other potential targets like hospitals, nightclubs, schools and Shia mosques.


The real flame in the center of all the smoke is Islamic terrorists.

The Protestants have a fuller grasp of this?


I don’t think Protestants have a better grasp of the situation–I just think they are aware of it since a large Baptist church has been targeted. Who knows what other churches have received threats we haven’t heard about? I wouldn’t want to publicize such threats in case it might invite more threats–and some loon acting on them. Of course, any such threats ought to be reported to the police and security beefed up wherever such threats are made.


Since when did prudence become surrendering to fear?


Per the article: “The station reports First Baptist has been in regular contact with the FBI and Dallas police for weeks.”

I rather believe this means that measures are in place for the church’s security. They are under no obligation to publish what measures they’re taking and so tip off the terrorists. :wink:


Excellent. I hoped it wasn’t just empty feel-good slogan.


Not sure what you mean
I went to the First Baptist of Dallas website. They say they are transforming our world with God’s Word…one life at time.

There is no evidence of politicizing at First Baptist despite the publicized threat in the ISIS monthly magazine.


I apologize. I’ve been on too many temporary refugee halt threads, I wrongly assumed it was a statement against the recent executive order.


I understand completely how easy it is to be swept away by MSM.

It is interesting how the First Baptists state simply that they reject fear. They keep plugging along one person at a time rather than try to pull the rug out from under civil authority in the U.S.


The truth of the matter is you are more likely to die from a drive by shooting, a robbery gone bad, a gun accident, road rage incident than an Islamic terrorist attack.


That’s true, but still terrorists’ threats have to be taken seriously. I believe any organization that openly targets anyone ought to be shut down, and those who make such threats arrested, as well as gang members who shoot people or those who use their vehicles to run others off the road or create another other form of mayhem.


Do you have any idea the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ U.S. taxpayers pay so you can make this statement?


Just an FYI, First Baptist of Dallas’s pastor is Robert Jeffress who has a rather controversial background. He seems to spend plenty of time campaigning for political candidates, making statements for political candidates, rather than actually attending to his church.

Although it is rather useless to try and find logic when dealing with ISIS. They simply want annihilation of all who do not submit to their views.


CBN “news”?
Pat Robertson?


Why is this church being targeted?


Probably because the pastor is a Fox News contributor:


I have extreme doubts about this story. Robert Jeffress is anti-Catholic and hates Muslims. Looks like fake news to me.


If that is so, isn’t even more likely that Islamic terrorists would target his church? :hmmm:


Pastor Jeffress and Father Jonathan Morris talk it out here.

video at bottom of article too


That is true, but we want to minimize risks however we can. Also, it might be that allowing certain people in represents a huge increased risk. So yes, we are far more likely to die from a gun accident, but there are more guns than people in the US. If relatively few people die from terrorist attacks but there are relatively few Islamic terrorists it may be they represent a far greater risk.


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