ISIS commander killed in Iraqi airstrike [Former Saddam Commander]

Well, not to rejoice in death, but there is honestly no other way to deal with these terrorists except to kill them. As such, this is a good step towards fighting this evil.

Why are you taking the liberty to change the title of the article? It is against forum rules. Saddam Hussein died long before ISIS was created by the West. Why try to divert attention?

What’s the big deal? He’s just elaborating on the title so that people know the gist of this guy who was killed.

May God grant you peace! :slight_smile:

probably because in the article it mentions he was a former commander of Saddam Hussein. How is it diverting attention?

The title of the thread was changed after my post as 'former Saddam Commander" was moved from the middle of the title to parentheses in the end. Who ever did that should know that it doesn’t cut it. It is the forum rule that we are not allowed to change the title of a news article. We can add the country e.g. IRAQ: ISIS Commander killed in Iraqi airstrike.

I will not respond to questions that ignore the rules as I don’t feel like playing little games that aim to mislead people’s political understanding and promote one particular view.

To the O.P. and others: Isn’t it sufficient that it is from the vias CNN?

Adding in the fact that this individual was once affiliated with Saddam Hussein does not do anything but merely give a little background about who this person was. No one is trying to advocate for a particular situation or political agenda. You know that gilliam always puts up a great variety of world news stories every day, and he has no other agenda than to communicate what’s going on in the world. So, I’d ask you to please relax and to not make a mountain out of a mole hill (even if it was against forum rules).

May God bless you always! :slight_smile:

We have known for a long time that Saddam Baathists have led AQ in Iraq and ISIS. This is simply more evidence of it.

The title of the article is: ISIS Commander killed in Iraqui airstrike.

Nothing about Saddam. The rules need to be applied to all not just to those who hold a different political understanding than the ones being promoted here.

I disagree 100% with you regarding gilliam. He has his agenda = destroy Muslim powers in the Middle East to make way for the expansion of Israel. Just take a look back at ALL the news articles he has posted and those to come. He will definitely promote bombing Iran and any other country whose power would interfere with expanding Israel. And, it’s all “Bibi” this and “Bibi” that – the Israelis can do no longer even when they are bombing gentile children.

What is more interesting is to learn where they stashed the booty they got from the CIA before the CIA blew them up after being done with them.

What makes you think that you do not have to respect the rules of this forum? You are obviously getting away with it, as the title has not been corrected. I guess all one needs to do is promote hatred of Muslims, the destruction of their countries and the expansion of Israel and pretty much you can do what you want.

looks like the title has been changed.

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