ISIS Conspiracy Theories Include a Purported American Plot

… a popular conspiracy theory has spread online that offers an easier answer to the riddle of where ISIS came from: Washington.

According to the theory, which appears to have started in Egypt and spread rapidly across the region, ISIS was created by the United States as part of a plot orchestrated by the former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton to replace the region’s autocratic rulers with more pliant Islamist allies. The evidence cited to back up this claim sounds unimpeachable: passages from Mrs. Clinton’s new memoir in which she describes how a plan to bolster the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was foiled at the last moment when the Egyptian military seized power on July 5, 2013, and deployed submarines and fighter jets to block an American invasion.

If that plot sounds like the stuff of fiction, that’s because it is. The passages described by supporters of the Egyptian military on Facebook as quotes from Mrs. Clinton’s memoir were entirely fabricated and do not appear anywhere in the text of her book, “Hard Choices.”

The fictional plot was reported as fact by Egyptian, Tunisian, Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese news organizations.

Maybe so, but there are still too many examples of Islamic extremists being the beneficiaries of actions by the US government. Too many for me not to believe they’re not part of the plot. Read a book like Dore Gold’s “Hatred’s Kingdom : How Saudi Arabia Supports The New Global Terrorism” then ask yourselves why America is so close to Saudi Arabia to the point of militarily protecting them.

Leaving the Egyptian story aside, there is no doubt that the Obama Administration (and this would include Hillary as the then Secretary of State) do share definitely some, perhaps most, of the responsibility for the creation of ISIS. For example, the following Reuters article dated over two years ago “Obama Authorizes Secret Support for Syrian Rebels” and many more like it painted a very accurate picture regarding who is responsible for nurturing and supporting the Syrian Rebels - of which ISIS is just one affiliate. Our State Department and Mainstream Media made it abundantly clear at the time, that the United States was helping the Syrian Rebels in their fight against Assad. So, I think it would be inaccurate to call our support for ISIS a “conspiracy theory.” More like a well-known, well-reported fact.

But I can understand the Egyptian Army’s feelings towards Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama: the United States and Western Media supported the Muslim Brotherhood in the coup against Mubarak - a coup that cost many ordinary Egyptians, including many Coptic Christians, their lives. Thankfully, for the sake of Egyptians - especially the Christians living in Egypt - the Egyptian Army removed Morsi and restored order, and are hopefully all the more wiser as to just how quickly staged “protests” can turn into a violent coup.

Bagdadi (however it is spelled) was in Guantanamo and upon release said “I’ll see you in New York”.

I do think there is some propaganda going on but the main gist of the stories we see are probably correct.

After all that has happened, if one were a journalist, I’d find it hard to think one might journey to the front line. It kind of makes me wonder exactly who is doing the reporting.

But the U.S. supported and probably aided and abetted the uprising in Egypt, they helped engineer the overthrow Kadaffi, they armed those who overthrew him, they armed those who are trying to overthrow Assad, and Isis is using U.S. tanks and Humvees. So yes, the U.S. and this vile administration have the blood of tens of thousands of innocent christians and Yazidi all over their dirty hands. You forget, liberalism is a mental disorder.


Long Time Liberal Magazine New Republic writes:

Bashar Al Assad Is Laying a Deadly Ambush for Obama in Syria

President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize aerial surveillance of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions in Syria suggests that airstrikes employing manned and unmanned aircraft may not be far behind. All of this is right and proper. Yet danger lurks. The head of Syria’s preeminent crime family—President Bashar Al Assad—waits, crocodile-like, for the American angler to tumble out of the boat. For Assad, opportunity knocks. If he handles matters correctly he can, with an assist from American inaction, return to polite society while others do the anti-ISIS heavy lifting for him.

From the beginning of Syria’s 2011 popular uprising against a corrupt, incompetent, cynical, and brutal regime, Assad has pursued with singleminded discipline a very simple strategy: Sell oneself as the fire brigade to help hose the flames of one’s own arson. Determined to create an alternate opposition that would overwhelm peaceful protest, Assad emptied his jails of violent, Islamist prisoners and employed tactics of violent sectarianism to lure back to Syria the Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) terrorists his regime once escorted to Iraq from Damascus. As AQI in Syria morphed into ISIS and the Nusra Front, and as foreign fighters swelled their ranks, Assad’s message—amplified by Iran and Russia—has been unchanging: “I am the bulwark against terrorism. Sooner or later the West will have to crawl back into my good graces.”

All of this could be so but I can’t help but feel there must be concern in the Syrian Capital at losing substantial parts of their country as it sits now. Too close for comfort.

And now Al-Nusra Front, who seem to be making a come back, have seized territory very close to Israel And Yet, Israel fires upon Syrian government forces

                                              An Israeli military statement said: "In response to the errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria, which hit Israel earlier today and injured an Israeli Defense Forces officer, the IDF just targeted two Syrian army positions in the Syrian Golan Heights. Hits were confirmed."

                                            So it would certainly appear that Israel (at least in this situation so far) is regarding government forces and not the Jihadists as a threat to Israel.

Some ISIS and Syrian stories of interest:

Last week the Pentagon said a specially equipped U.S. ship had finished neutralizing all 600 metric tons of the most dangerous of Syria’s chemical weapons components surrendered to the international community this year to avert threatened air strikes.

ISIS claims burning marijuana fields in Syria

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Even if I should have some differences of opinion with our President, whomever it is, we should always pray for the US President to make the right and correct decisions.

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