ISIS Declares New Islamist Caliphate


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From the Independent website:

According to Isis’s chief spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the declaration of the “restoration of the caliphate” was made after a meeting of the group’s Shura Council. In recent weeks, Isis has captured large areas of western and northern Iraq and for two years has held parts of Syria, imposing a harsh interpretation of Islamic law and in many cases, killing large numbers of opposition Shia Muslims.

Adnani said all jihadist organisations must now offer up their support to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been declared Caliph of the new state.

Will be interesting to see if Sunnis will acceot this in Saudi Arabia and other places.

There could also be a mass migration of devout Muslims all over the world who are faithful to the strict interpretation in the Koran and Hadiths.

Remember-----ONLY the Caliphate had the true authority to declare jihad. Al-Qaeda and other organizations found other sort of justifications for their jihad.


Please discuss if possible. :thumbsup::thumbsup:



Interesting… especially because I always believed that the House of Saud considered themselves the rightful heirs to the caliphate. For instance, it is the House of Saud that declares when the month of Ramadan starts and ends each year with regards to the Gregorian calendar. Regardless, though, I believe each consecutive caliph was appointed by the caliph preceding him. As such, no one could just name himself caliph - he was annointed as caliph by his predecessor.


Personally, I’m just hoping this ISIS threat remains confined in the Middle East. I’d hate to hear about associated terror cells sprouting across East and Southeast Asia to make repeats of Bali. :shrug:

Then again, they’ve had a breakup with Al-Qaeda so they don’t seem that scary outside of Iraq. :shrug:


Good luck with this proclamation. Depends on how many of them are alive in four years time.
Bombs speak louder than bombast.


Adnani said all jihadist organisations must now offer up their support to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been declared Caliph of the new state.

Well that should go over like a led balloon!


It is the duty of every truly devout Muslim (forget the “moderate Muslim” c–p) to go into jihad if called upon by the Caliphate—particularly at the “end of times” (according to many apocalyptical Muslims) when the Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) comes (13th Imam and all of that). All non-Muslims who do not convert will be put to the sword.

Per the Koran and various Hadiths. What if many Muslims worldwide DO take this seriously? Even in America? Even in Saudi Arabia?

Think about that.


Seeing as my local movie theatre’s intact in spite of all the ‘heathen’ crowds coming into to watch Transformers 4… I can only think: Meh.


It’s interesting that Iran is about as worried about this as the United States… so much so that they’re even considering dialogue with the US about it. In their case, it’s because ISIS has threatened the destruction of the major Shi’ite holy sites in Iraq (of which there are several critically important ones), as well as threatening the native Shi’ite population.


Conditions could change…in this country and elsewhere.:thumbsup::shrug:


I am afraid the idea of a caliphate is going to appeal to others who will want to join the battle.

I thought iran was sending soldiers to help protect the holy sites in iraq.

Ramadan began today or last night I thought I read. It usually lasts a month. We may not see much in july but things might get bad in august and september.

I wonder if the muslims believe in the 4 red moons.


Um, there is nothing to discus. :shrug:

If you could just declare yourself the Caliph, don’t you think the king of Saudi Arabia, of Jordan, really of just about any country would have done so?

I follow some of your posts, and I am really disappointed that you think so low of Muslims, that you believe they would blindly follow a terrorist group’s call to Holy War for making a spacious claim to the Caliphate.

Muslims will instead consider this group blasphemous and audacious.


This is presumptuous of ISIS. There could be major blow back against them, as Runningdude mentions in his post, or this could be the rallying of many Moslems to their flag. My guess, would be the former, but only time will tell.

It is one thing to fight for a future caliphate; it is quite something else to declare yourself a caliph and the lands you occupy the caliphate.

I would have thought they would have at least waited to take Baghdad or Babylon before making such an announcement. This may be a sign of insecurity as much as bravado.


Here is an article from NBC with some quotes:

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said other jihadi factions — even those beyond Iraq and Syria — were rendered “invalid.” He urged them to pledge allegiance to the newly named “Islamic State.” …

“Al-Sham” refers to the region that includes Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, but removing the reference to the region widens the former al-Qaeda affiliate’s scope, experts said.

“After seizing control of multiple territories in Syria and Iraq, ISIS feels this is a golden opportunity to seize control of the helm of the global jihadi movement,” said terrorism analyst, Laith Alkhouri.

“They are quite obviously elated with their recent successes, and it has given them the confidence that they can expand their campaign into the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and beyond,” said Evan Kohlman, a terrorism consultant with Flashpoint Partners and an NBC counter-terrorism analyst.

We know Al-Qaeda doesn’t want to have anything to do with them, I can’t imagine them all of a sudden rallying to them. I also don’t see moderate Islamists like the Moslem Brotherhood rallying to them either. Maybe some of the more radical groups will.

They have pretty grand ambitions:


Notice I said “many.” Not all. But enough may join to be worrisome.

And this is current news. People here should have a right to discuss the latest news.

Saudi Arabia may not accept this, but that does not mean they may not accept a later claim at a later time. The all to go to jihad under a renewed Caliphate is still in the literature.

Sorry, but “Moderate Muslims,” IMO, have not really done anything to prove they have totally separated themselves from the actions of the “radicals.” And there is the concept of Taquiya, which permits lying about Islam’s motives to unbelievers. I just wish there were more of these “moderate Muslims” doing more to defuse their brethren.

Time will tell, ultimately.


Could be, admittedly, Gilliam.

At least, let us hope it happens like that.

Still this is news to definitely ponder. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


I wonder why they left out Al-Andalus?


Good question.

And perceptive post. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sorrows. :thumbsup:


Congratulations America, this is why you’re the worst country in the world.


Literature. Not reality.

They’re not bombing themselves. That not good enough for you? It’s not like they possess some kind of global mind control technology that prevents them from spilling the beans on terrorists.

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