ISIS declares war on Russia


“We shall raise the sacred black flag of Islam over Kremlin Palace and under the aegis of our great and valiant Caliph , we will break the chains of Russian oppression which brought our Muslim Chechen brothers and sisters into excruciating pain for many years,” added Abu-Walid al-Kuwaiti, threating Russian government to end its help for Damascus and


I think they’ll find the Russians a tougher nut than they expect. Russia is rapidly recovering it’s Orthodox heritage.


hasn’t this group basically declared war on everyone else? Who do they “like”? They have made threats about raising their flag over the White House, Vatican etc.


Yet they can’t manage to win the battle of Kobani.
Hopefully statements like this leads to an increased Russian effort to take them down.
Russia is exactly what is needed to end those IS jerks …


Well.thatll be interesting.
If they threaten the White House they will get nasty remarks to them on the news,

If they threaten the Vatican prayers will be said and the world will get mad.

If they threaten London, more cameras will appear all over.

If they threaten the Kremlin they will be annihilated.

This also shows that this will NOT be WW3. WW3 is global powers fighting each other, this will be ALL the global power fighting ISIS.


It isn’t a matter of Orthodox heritage. It’s a matter of extreme nationalism and a willingness to be cruel and murderous. If it comes to it, Putin will kill every Chechen man, woman and child, without hesitation or remorse.

There might be refurbishing going on in Orthodox churches, but don’t forget that Lenin is still in his shrine in Moscow and even Dzerzhinsy is again being honored by the state.
There is a very “unholy” side to “Holy Russia”.


I think they made a mistake in formally threatening Russia.


Be aware that we are being manipulated into believing and buying into the western mindset too.
I don’t mean to defend everything the Russians have done, by no means all I have to say is that it’s sometimes difficult not to take the western TV programs, news papers, Advertising and other forms of brainwash into consideration when we comment on what Russians do.
And please don’t mention Russian Orthodoxy in the same sentence as the Russian authority and government.
yes there are bonds between the two of them, but the church can’t be held responsible for war crimes committed in the past by the soviet army.
its just unreasonable …


I agree.
Not the most clever move by ISIS I’ll give you that:P


Kind of like Putin annihilated the Chechen rebels? Kind of like we were supposed to annihilate the Al-Qaeda and annihilate war between the various factions in Iraq?

Evil is only annihilated by good, which itself comes from God. Bombs have their time and place, but they are not the principal solution. Never have been.

I think a commonsense rule of thumb is, except to prevent wholesale slaughter of non-warring, innocent parties, if you can’t make peace - don’t make war.

And if you have to make war, DON’T make it a reality show where your strategies are up for debate by talking heads even before the first shot is fired.


Check the demographics of Russia, they indeed have a high Muslim population already.


Bad move ISIS!





I am not saying that is a good thing, i am not condoning Russia’s approach, i am just saying it how it is. Frankly I like the Vatican’s response of prayer, which i already noted.


A classic blunder would you say?

You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia”


You think they would learn the lessons of history… Oh I forgot, history doesn’t exist for ISIS and other terrorist groups.


Unlike us, Russia has few scruples about using all the force it can muster. So I say to ISIS: “Good luck with that. Please go and compare notes with one Mr. A. Hitler when the Russians send you to meet him about how well invasions of Russia tend to pan out.” :smiley:


How many Russian men died at Stalingrad because the Russian military simply did not have it’s act together? The winter defeated the Germans as much as anything.

Russia’s Muslim population alone is 14% of the total population and growing.

Demographics have it that conceivably, the Muslim population could become the majority at some time.


How brutal were the Russians in Chechnya ? So brutal that in the 2nd Chechen War, more Muslims ended up on the side of the Russians then on the side of the Islamic extremists.




It has surprised me that the Chinese and Russians have not joined against the fight against ISIS. I hope this lights a fuse on Russia to be proactive.

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