ISIS fighter killed by his drone bomb after it ran low on battery & flew back

Darwin Award winner?


Did you know that the average reading age of the UK population is 9, while the average reading age of a Sun reader is 8?

I wonder how the average Sun reader would cope with a drone?

Probably better than the average 50 year old…but who are you taking a shot at here? The average UK citizen or the average Sun reader?


:rofl: I know I shouldn’t laugh when someone dies, but…
:rofl: :rofl: As soon as I read the headline, the first thing I pictured was an ISIS Wile E. Coyote standing there watching the drone flying back up to himself. My next thought went to Fractured Fairy Tales from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show…:rofl: :rofl:
May he RIP with his 72 virgins… ( although I don’t know what horrible evils the 72 virgins did to have to suffer THAT fate… ) :woozy_face:

That is one of the DJI phantom series of the devices. A take away from this is that if someone changes their return-to-home location to their destination then they have a system where they could deliver their package by simply taking off and deactivating the remote. :pensive: So it can be a completely automated delivery system. This person died, but someone else might have figured that out by now.

Darwin wins. That time.

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