ISIS Issues Video Riposte to Obama


WASHINGTON — In one of the Islamic State’s first responses to President Obama’s declaration that he would “degrade and ultimately destroy” it, the group released a short video late Tuesday in which it appeared to say that its militants would kill American ground forces should President Obama deploy them.

The clip is only 52 seconds long and is billed as a preview for a longer video. With slow-motion replay, quick edits and high-quality video images, it looks like a Hollywood studio trailer.

It begins with American tanks and troops under attack by fire and American soldiers carrying a wounded comrade into an armored vehicle.

The images flick by, including a shot of the “Mission Accomplished” banner that served as a backdrop on the day President George W. Bush landed on an aircraft carrier six weeks after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. That is followed by shots of Mr. Obama and the White House at night.

In the background, Mr. Obama is heard saying, “American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq.” The screen goes dark, and then a clip is played of what appears to be a militant for the group who is preparing to execute men on their knees.

The words “Flames of War” appear, with the phrase “Fighting has just begun” below.

Laith Alkhouri, a senior analyst at Flashpoint Global Partners, a New York security consulting firm that tracks militant websites, said the Islamic State “appears to be more relentless than ever, not only expanding in territory but also raising the bar in its confrontation with the world’s top superpower.”

“In some ways, it’s attempting to prove to jihadists that while Al Qaeda is missing in action, we are rising to the occasion,” Mr. Alkhouri said. “It demonstrates the true intention of the group, to operate on an international level.”


I don’t think Obama scares them very much, but I hope our military has a good plan of attack and they will soon be on the run!


I don’t know if they are scared of Obama or not to be honest with you. These fanatics are willing to do absolutely anything to try and bring about a worldwide caliphate. If I understand correctly, one of the teachings of Islam is that there will be a worldwide caliphate before the Last Judgment.


In a crafty countermove perhaps the commander in chief will again jail the maker of the “Innocence of Muslims” youtube video.


I thought he was still in jail! Was he released?


Nothing but propaganda. This isn’t…,d.b2U

DOHUK, Iraq-- Reports from eyewitnesses here in Northern Iraq spoke to Breitbart News about how the terrorist group the Islamic State is using Yazidi hostages as human shields to protect themselves against U.S. airstrikes – using the same strategy as Hamas in Gaza.
“ISIS sells the women as slave girls, the way they are doing it, they are using the women as human shields to protect them from U.S. airstrikes,” said Hameed, a Yazidi refugee who is seeking safe haven in Northern Iraq. He escaped his village when ISIS invaded and fled to Sinjar Mountain with his family where he stayed for 7 days with limited food and water. ISIS is still holding four of his family members hostage.

Airstrikes are escalating in Iraq. 2nd day of increased offensive strikes 22-miles from Baghdad.

Sister Hatune Dogan is a Syrian Orthodox nun. She was born in Turkey, but her family fled to Germany to escape persecution.

Sister Hatune also told of meeting a 21-year-old Christian girl from Jordan. Once a captive, her abductors “every day” “were raping her all night.” When they weren’t satisfied with her ransom money, they “cut her face in different ways.” Another time, Sister Hatune met 280 girls. She described how they were “misused” by their kidnappers, some of whom “cut breasts and other [sensitive areas].” “I saw them with my own eyes,” she emphasized. Those are the stories the media should report – the “human face of this tragic reality,” as Mother Olga described.

That’s the international level they operate on.


Hmm. Yeeees. But released to a half-way house. So … half way? It’s the latest I can find on the internet.

If this August 2013 articles’ schedule held, he’d have been released from the halfway house in September of 2013 … but would still be on probation.

Mark Basseley Youssef, 55, of Los Angeles, who reportedly wrote and produced “Innocence of Muslims,” was released to a half-way house to serve was sentenced in November 2012 to prison for violating his probation in a 2010 check-kiting case. He will leave the half-way house on September 26, but will be on probation for the next four years, according to Reuters.

Now that he’s free will Mr. Youssef apply for a government grant to make anti-ISIS propaganda movies (as a penance of course)? :rolleyes:


Wonder what his thoughts are of Obama and Hillary.


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