ISIS, many of their enemies share a homicidal hatred of gays


REYHANLI, Turkey - The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has frequently used the Islamic holy month of Ramadan - which is supposed to be for fasting and prayer - as an excuse to step up its slaughter of people it considers heretics.

Last year, ISIS supporters bombed a Shiite mosque in Kuwait and attacked tourists at a Tunisian beach resort, among other atrocities, during the holy month.

Last month, an ISIS leader put out a call for “a month of hurt” in the United States as well as Europe during Ramadan.

On Monday, the group called the Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen “one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America,” and Mateen pledged allegiance to the group in a 911 call during the shooting. However there has been no evidence uncovered so far of a direct link between the shooter and the group’s Mideast leaders.

Still, the Orlando nightclub massacre would fall in line with ISIS’ goals, as the group has a history of targeting gays with brutal public killings.


This is the way that Islamists have chosen to wage global jihad.
Rape and assault the girls in Cologne, smash the gays in Florida now.
It doesn’t take much organizing or special gear, just Muslims in enough numbers to provide a haven, and access to weapons and people who share the same worldview.


It is incredibly sad what people who suffer from same sex attraction have to suffer from under the hands of ISIS. I absolutely condemn “gay marriage” as well as unchaste actions by both those with same sex attraction and without but I also condemn violence against those with same sex attraction. We, as Catholics, must accept with love and compassion those with same sex attraction while at the same time we refuse to condone any sinful actions they may engage in.


They seem to have a homicidal hatred of just about everyone.




Im sorry, I found this to be almost comical, ISIS is praising the guy and calling him one of their soldiers, the guy pledged himself to the group, and still the FBI is fumbling around, saying it cannot find no evidence of a connection…DUH, what are they looking for, an official ISIS ID card with his name on it?

Likely the FBI does not want to admit waging war like this makes their job almost impossible, if they cannot link soldiers with the ‘army’, its makes their job of even spotting the fighters literally impossible.

Its almost like the US DOJ does not want there to even be a connection.


Since the guy was already in their sights, there is a good chance they they fumbled the ball on this one, and they know it. They are making all appearance of covering their butts on this one.


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