ISIS massacred Christians in Qaraqosh

ISIS kidnapped and beheaded Christian inhabitants of this town and destroyed Catholic churches when they captured it in 2014.

Why did they killed them just because they were Christians and destroyed their churches?

Is not the Geneva Conference forbid to kill innocent civilians and more so based on their religion? Are not hospitals and places of worship not to be deliberately destroyed?

Why did they do that?

Because ISIS doesn’t observe the Geneva Convention. It’s a mass murdering death cult.

I’m not saying it’s not awful, obviously. Just that it shouldn’t surprise us.

And demonic from inception.

Prayers for the persecuted Church.

If they just murdering because they are mass murdering death cult then why they destroyed and descrated the churches?


Because it’s religiously motivated.

Are you really confused about this or are you driving at something?

But these aren’t Islamic terrorists? Religiously motivated. What religion are they following?

Yeah, they’re Islamic terrorists. I don’t know why you’re attempting a “Gotcha” here. I’m trying to figure out why the OP is confused about ISIS targeting churches. It seems pretty obvious to me.

Hi. I am just asking . I have my opinion but I’m trying to find out what others say about it here.

Thanks for clarifying that they are religiously motivated. Not everybody here would agree with you though. In that sense you can say that I am confused.

So what make you think that it is religiously motivated? What could be the religious basis for them to destroy churches?

I assume that as Wahhabist Muslims they believe that Christians are idolators/heretics who need to subjugated, and destroying churches is part of that subjugation.

As far as what the religious basis is for that belief, I’m not well versed enough in Islamic theology to address that.

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