Isis Militants Seize Airdropped Weapons


Islamic State group fighters seized at least one cache of weapons airdropped by US-led coalition forces that were meant to supply Kurdish militiamen battling the extremist group in a border town, activists said on Tuesday.


This is one of those conflicts in which the international community needs to send in combat troops. Dropping supplies from the air and engaging in air attacks aren’t going to solve anything.


This seems like yet another failure of the United States. :mad:


Well, first of all, these are the kind of results a country gets when they vote in someone into the White House because of how they look or the ethnic origins of the top of the ticket.

The American people have been voting on appearance since at least the Nixon/Kennedy race and it’s sickening and one-dimensional. So, if you’re going to vote as such (regardless of all the lame excuses that really don’t fool anyone outside of the low-information loyalty crowd), then you’re going to get sickening, one-dimensional thinking.

That’s all there is to it.

And has the country learned? :dts: :nope:

All one needs to do is look at Kansas and South Dakota.

The laziness and hypocrisy of what is seemingly now the majority American electorate is finally coming back like a boomerang, and it will keep on hurting.

We warned the American people in 2007 that Barack Obama would not step up to the plate and fight a well-run war to protect the country, among other things.


I’m not surprised. The White House and its allies cannot apply a community organizing formula to the problems in the Middle East and the rest of the world. This isn’t urban or northeastern academia.


The “cut and run” attitude of the American people regarding our involvement in Iraq pre-dates the current Administration. The previous Administration had us leaving in Dec 2011. Want to guess when we left?


Flooding the region with US weapons is only going to increase the chaos and instability of the region. Best for the USA to stay out of the civil wars in that area. Already, hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars have been spent and the situation has only gotten worse. The first big mistake of the Americans was to overthrow the well liked Mossadegh as leader of Iran. This is one reason why relations between Iran and the USA are so bad today.


I agree.

I’d say this is a perfect advertisement for the fine tuning of “smart gun” technology, except that in my opinion, we shouldn’t be part of active combat there in the first place.

Inadvertently supplying ISIS while trying to support fighters who are themselves considered terrorists by the country (Turkey) which we’re trying to woo into the fight against ISIS? If nothing else, this scenario will become the perfect tongue-twister for future historians…


ISIS should have been taken out when they were in their infancy, not one year later.


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