ISIS militants take sledgehammers to Mosul tomb of Prophet Jonah



Are they iconoclast Muslims?


Yes. They have already destroyed a few dozen mosques and shrines in northern Iraq. Typically, these attacks are directed against Shia or Sufi, but Sunni buildings have also been targeted if considered idolatrous. As the news article mentions, ISIS militants believe giving special veneration to tombs and relics is against the teachings of Islam.

They are also opposed to any depiction of a human being, so statues have been disappearing from public places in the territory they control.


Seems familiar to me…


Destroying churches also I think. If they reach saudia arabia they threaten to destroy Mecca.


Talk about self-destruction.


Were they whaling on it?

Was it a Mosul-eum?

What kind of strange theology have they swallowed?

Are they out of their gourd?

What do they hope to “prophet”.

Sorry :blushing: … just a little Book of Jonah stream of consciousness.

Perhaps a bit tomb much? :blackeye: :hammering:

'Fun is out!


That’s really sad. I wish someone would evangelize these terrorists and then maybe they’d repent and forsake their terrorism and convert to Catholicism.


If only they believed this so much that they would not have their own photos taken to get a passport, it could be a benefit to the whole world.

This is what you get from individual interpretation of a document of dubious origin. We have seen the chaos that comes from private interpretation of God’s word, but they lack a legitimate basis from the start.


One thing is clear - they are a path that will completely destabilize the middle East (if it can ever be described as stable to begin with). Another story I read said they had confiscated some uranium from a university - it wasn’t weaponized and might not even be the right kind to create a dirty bomb, but it shows they’re interested in such things.

And here’s a little piece about their plans - not very ambitious, are they? :eek:


When St Benedict Founded the famous Monastery of Monte Casino he first tore down a pagan temple to the god Apollo. I suspect nowadays that would be frowned upon


It’s true things like this have happened, and I’ve been reading the Pentateuch and the parts where God commands the Israelites to destroy pagan temples. Reading that with a modern perspective, it’s not always comfortable reading. The ideas of different religions coexisting side by side is not an easy thing as we’re seeing now - those of our generation have seen instances where it works, and others where it doesn’t.

Sometimes the places and artifacts of a religion or culture that has been supplanted are merely repurposed.

I think what’s mind-blowing about what ISIS is doing is the fact that they’re willing to attack Mecca itself (and that might be what finishes them if other Muslims unite against this - but there will be a lot of bloodshed if such a confrontation takes place).

But it has happened before:


Lebanon fired missiles into israel as well.
Is ISIS in lebanon now too like syria and iraq?


I think Hezbollah would be the more likely culprit, if the attack came from an organized group. However, an Israeli military spokesman said it was too early to determine if the missile launch was “symbolic or something more substantial.”


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