ISIS No. 2 Leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani Dies of Wounds in Syria


The ISIS leader at the top of the U.S. kill list died this week, days after he was wounded in Syria, a U.S. military intelligence official told NBC News.

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was the terror group’s No. 2 commander, its charismatic director of external operations and main propagandist.

He succumbed to his injuries in Al-Bab, a town 15 miles northeast from Aleppo and 20 miles from the Turkish border, the official said.

Turkish air forces have been operating in the area where al-Adnani was believed to have been wounded, but it’s unclear which military forces killed him.


I wonder how he reacted when he saw God. Did he show any signs of repentance before death?


In unprecedented announcement, ISIS says its spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani is dead


Deus lo Vult.

Lord, if he is not damned, help him to repent. Convert all Muslims by the might of your hand, and bring them to the truth of Christ the King.


Has the Pentagon confirmed his death yet or is this announcement put out by ISIS only?


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