ISIS now threatens Russia over its ties to Syria's Assad and promises to 'liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus'


"Vladimir Putin was today directly and personally threatened by the Islamic State because of his close ties to Syrian leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

The chilling warning, delivered by a member of the terror group, puts the Kremlim leader on the same side as the West in holding back Muslim extremism.

But at the same time, he remains at loggerheads with the U.S. and Europe in the worst crisis since the Cold War."



[quote]'Remember this. And with the permission of Allah we will liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus.

"The Islamic State exists and it will exist and it will expand with the help of Allah. Your throne is already shaking. It is in danger and it will collapse when we get to you. We are on the way with Allah’s permission.’

The warning puts the Kremlim leader on the same side as the West in holding back Muslim extremism.

The threatening footage comes with Russian subtitles, but the voice of a Russian speaker can be heard too.


Here is a more sober news report as well:

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ISIS just made a BIG mistake. Unless some of them want to end up saying hello to their intestines, I would suggest they back off from their threats. They are really reaching this time. :thumbsup:

And I am not even a Putin defender. :shrug:

Comments welcome. :):slight_smile:


I was expecting something to start up in the Caucasus Mts before the Winter Olympics, but the Russians are doing a pretty good job of containing the terrorists. If anything does start up there in the near future, I’m sure Putin will respond in a manner that will make some feel sorry for those supporting ISIS.


Yes indeed. :slight_smile:


Putin will, of course, lay waste to Chechnya if trouble starts there. Might do it anyway.

One is tempted to feel a sense of satisfaction when one imperialist invader threatens another, sort of like some probably did when Hitler attacked Stalin. But as with ISIS vs Iran, one can’t really cheer for either side or feel much satisfaction in it because (to paraphrase Kissinger) both can’t lose.

What Putin will NOT do is send Russian troops to bolster Assad. ISIS knows that. It’s one thing to shoot up a bunch of Ukrainian noncombatants. It’s quite another to send Ivan to face fighters who think dying in the process of killing Ivan is a ticket to heaven.


I hope Russia destroys them! I read a website today where some fundamentalist was bemoaning this by saying “Wait, prophecy needs to have Russia and Israel as enemies”. I just shook my head.:rolleyes:


Now, tell me again. Who are the goodies and who are the baddies? I am going back to bed, I’ve lost the plot.


How do you know that. He couldn’t send troops earlier to assist Assad, as the ‘rest of the world’ had Assad labelled as an evil tyrant killing his own people. If Putin had assisted him then it could have started WW3.

Now the West has had a light bulb moment and realise that the aggressors Assad has been fighting, for years, are the West’s enemy too, Putin may very well assist Assad as he’ll now be ‘allowed’ to do so.


Russia has already dealt with the worse of Islamic Terrorists, they have their experiences, no reason to spell it out. Putin also has addressed Islamic Countries.

Assad’s father was sponsored by the Soviet Union so Russian support in Syria with the naval installation they have long had on the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean.
If Putin supporters want to call Russia’s and the USSR’s support of the Assad family dictatorship and sponsorship of world wide terrorism a feather in Putin’s cap, so be it but let’s not forget, this is what they are asserting. It’s long been acknowledged that a lot of the terrorism in Lebanon is thanks to Syria.

For all we know, Assad’s brutality against mere protesters during the Arab Spring gave rise to ISIS and so, that could be seen related to Putin.

Putin distanced himself from Assad, oh well, nothing wrong with keeping up with the news.


If Obama was smart he would secretly allow Putin to go after ISIS and Assad----and hopefully kill two birds with one stone. THEN go after Putin in an indirect way.

I guess what Obama will ACTUALLY do is------------condemn Isis and Putin and warn both to stay away from each other. :rolleyes:

Seriously-----the man REALLY does not know what he is doing. :shrug:


Oh the West has a light bulb moment? And are you saying that the USSR/Russia supporting one of the world’s sponsors of Terrorism is a good thing?? It’s not for nothing Hezbollah is fighting on the Sryian side.

So Putin is against Terrorism, Assad is against Terrorism and the West is going to have a light bulb moment? :thumbsup::clapping::thumbsup:


“This message is for you, Vladimir Putin! These are the aircraft you sent to Bashar [Assad], and we’re going to send them to you. Remember that!” he said.

“This is Russian technology,” said a militant with a Russian voice, according to The Moscow Times.

“We will with the consent of Allah free Chechnya and all of the Caucasus! The Islamic State is here and will stay here, and it will spread with the grace of Allah!” another militant warns.

Tabqa airbase is or was captured by Isis on Sunday, they still have it?


Yes! Obama wants to shrink ISIS so we can manage them!!!

What kind of strategy is that???


I don’t know, Chuck said this

“You’ve got to destroy it,” Hagel said later. “Because if we don’t destroy it, it will get worse.” CNN’s Sciutto later asked Hagel if he would “vow” that ISIS would be destroyed, not “just degraded or contained.”

“Well, vows are something beyond my mortal capacity of doing,” Hagel responded. But, he said, “We will do everything possible that we can do to destroy their capacity to inflict harm on our people and western values and our interests.”

But Biden took the vow, he said to paraphrase “we would chase them to the gates of hell”


Don’t hold your breath waiting for Putin to send Russian troops to fight for Assad. He doesn’t have sufficient incentive to do something like that.

Assad is an evil tyrant. Just because ISIS is evil, that doesn’t make Assad good.

The west’s “lightbulb moment” went out in 2011, and now it’s just “darkness vs darkness”.


A bad one. :nope::sad_yes:


And to paraphrase Tom Petty…

He “won’t back down…” :rotfl:

Really…Biden needs more believable slogans. ::yup:


Its his best war drum up public support. They already gained public support, people just want to know their in-dept strategy, but I don’t see where we will be hearing a great deal of that. They also expect international help, maybe Putin will help out too. :thumbsup:


Russia’s done a pretty good job of arming Syria and now they’re helping do the same for Iraq. Without Russian aid, Assad would no doubt have been overthrown by now.

                                      If something happens in Chechnya, I'm sure Russia will deal with it quickly, and if that happens, one can only imagine what John McCain will suggest.


I pray for peace for the Russian people, some of the Islamic guerrillas they have faced have simply been horrible. Sure, nowadays, one thinks they can be easily suppressed but they have caused trouble in the past.

I’m just not for countries once in the Soviet Union to be made to be such again. I think previously there was the CAS, Confederation of States with Russia.

Oh, and as for Assad, I thought his proxy forces did harm to Lebanese Christians and Politicians.

In Lebanon, where many Christians recall Hafez al-Assad’s intervention in the Lebanese Civil War, polling has shown the majority of Lebanese Christians oppose Bashar al-Assad.

Gebeily recalled Syrian military attacks on Christian areas during the war, such as the 1978 siege on a Beirut district and the 1981 attack on the city of Zahle.

“We all of a sudden have developed amnesia as to who this [Assad] guy is and what his history is and his father’s history, is,” he said.

Critics also note Bashar al-Assad’s suspected role in the assassination campaign against political opponents in Lebanon, including prominent Christians.

Christian parliament members Gibran Tueni and Antoine Ghanem and military officer Gen. Francois al-Hajj were killed in car bombings 2005 and 2007. Cabinet member Pierre Gemayel was gunned down in 2006. Christian leader Samir Geagea and journalist May Chidiac were targeted by failed assassination attempts in 2012 and 2005.

“[The Assad regime] waged war against Christian villages in Lebanon, systematically assassinated Christian political and cultural figures,” said Badran.

So apparently Assad may be the lesser of evils but in Lebanon, it certainly appears Christians have had problems with the covert activities.

And I’ll say again, I sympathize with the Russians, I’m just not entertaining notions that countries like Ukraine have sinister motives towards them.


Sad really, the time consumption and weekly public executions is disturbing, a Brit next. The media is stuck on the meaning of “destroy” it doesn’t help. You can lose public opinion very quickly. But the outrage is sky high right now also. Isis will grow if its not stopped. I’m amazed they have Russian fighters.

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