ISIS seeks to control the country’s future by destroying its Christian past



very sad to think of so much history being demolished and destroyed.
I hope someday this will all be over and they can relocate a lot of items
stolen or hidden.


Is all of this alluded to in Revelation? Aren’t things like this happening a definite sign of the End?


It’s not the first time in the Christian Era that things like this have happened, not even the second.



What’s really bad is what they are doing to the people there, I could say more but do not know how to spell the big words.:mad:


There is a genocide against Christians in the ME right now.

I was listening to an internet podcast the other day about 2015 personalities. When it came to voting for the most overrated personality, one of the commentators listed Pope Francis.
His reasoning was that when Pope Francis came to America, this genocide of Christians in the House of Islam merited barely a mention, and that mention was far down on the page of his address to the UN in New York.
Adding his voice to the environmental movement certainly provided enough echoes from those already on board with that, but if the number one priority of the most prominent leader of the Christian world today is not the genocide of Christians, who else has a better pulpit to raise that issue than the pope?

All Christian history and all Christian presence is being fully erased from the lands of Christianity’s origins. The protests that we hear about this are echoes of the sounds of silence. A whine here, and a whimper there maybe, but as far as sound goes, there is nothing as passionate and persistent as pleas to turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees for the good of Mother Earth.




I’m getting the idea … the environment is unimportant.

Don’t you think that there are so many important issues that Pope Francis could stand up there all day and read from a book of important issues? Everyone has his important issue. No matter what he said, someone would say … well why didn’t he raise this issue which is so important? There are a number of areas in this world where Christians are being killed or driven out. Should he mention all of those too?

I believe all nations have to consider the environment one of the top most important problems facing mankind today. And it deserves all the attention it can get for it affects billions of people.

May you have a good day.


I don’t believe he said the environment is unimportant. the thread pertains to Christianity in the Middle East and ISIS trying to erase it.


Yes, I understood what he said, and I said what I had to say in response to his weak criticism of our Holy Father. It is very easy to find fault.


I am reminded of how Woody Allen enters into a drug store and places the condoms that were the only reason that he came into the store to buy in the first place way, way down on the list.
That is how lists normally work don’t they? After thoughts are down near the bottom. Only to hide an embarrassment do people bury the most important thing for them toward the end of the list.

Life is the primary issue on any list. This is my opinion. Without first having life, the list itself would not exist. It takes a living author to compile that list in the first place.

Genocide erases life. It extinguishes Christian existence.

It is very important to eat. When a person is hanging by his fingernails onto the edge of the cliff though, the relative importance of the grilled cheese sandwich is not what anybody should be grasping for until the crisis passes. The sandwich will go uneaten if one does not employ both hands to pull himself back up to safe ground.

The environment is important too, just like eating is important.
Does that mean that the genocide that is happening to Christians in the world right now is a mere afterthought in comparison?

Anyway, I found that to be a very sound argument for what an overrated personality of the year might look like. I did not find the person that was making the argument was operating from any disrespect for the Holy Father, but from a position of profound respect for the esteem and prestige of the office of the Papacy, and the potential that that office holds.

In contrast, Jewish leaders have made the Holocaust the main focus of the horror and the abomination that aspired to erase them, and the result for Jews is life in profundity, and a rebirth of their nation of Israel, up to and including a profundity of blooms and environmental riches from what had been degraded into deserts and malarial swamps.
Focus on life first, and the rest will follow.


I agree.


Environment is more important than just eating… It extinguishes Christian existence.
It happens to be a worldwide problem from which we won’t survive if something isn’t done now about it. It should rank among the top 10 priorities the world must face before it gets out of hand.

I believe the office of the Papacy has been well served by our current Pope and he does and continues to condemn these atrocities, but maybe not the way you would prefer, but he consistently does do it publically.

Have a good evening.


I am not saying Pope Francis has not served the Papacy well. I hope when all is said and done Christians will still have a home in the Middle East.


In my opinion we as human kind are not destroying the enviroment, and science has not at this time totally proven that as fact.

Now granted this is just MO, and I am not a scientist, but with all the upheavels over the ages and the world is still here, I seriously doubt man is the cause, furthermore it has been shown that 2015 was not the warmest year on record.:smiley:


yes. I believe we have learned we need to care for planet earth and our environment and we improve all the time ways to do this, but I am a believer that climate change is cyclical and I don’t believe humans are causing climate change.
Caring for our planet is a priority, but I don’t believe it is at the top of the list when genocide, torture, enslavery has caused millions to flee their homes in the Middle East and seek refuge in other countries far away to escape death, being enslaved and torture. Not to mention the demolition and destruction of historical landmarks and artifacts that have been around for thousands of years.


If you truly believe that the human race is on the verge of extinction if we don’t turn down the thermostat down a few degrees, etc, then your argument is at least an authentic one.

I doubt that anybody else actually believes that, and it is therefore hyperbole to argue as much.

As for myself, I truly believe that Christians in the ME are facing a genocide, and I believe that the pope believes the same.


I agree he should have been more outspoken about the Christian genocide when speaking to the UN. It is his job, isn’t it? If he doesn’t give the issue a sense of urgency, who will? Leave the environmental recommendations to the environmental scientists, which is more their area of expertise.


The argument is put forth at about the 4:56 mark of this audio.

I should reiterate that it is not my insight, but once it is recognized that there is a genocide going on, it is hard to dispute that this issue really ought to stand out among Catholics as the most critically important issue for us today, and that is not happening.
That fact that it is an issue that receives so comparatively little attention among us, and among our leadership, is an indication of how blinded we have become to the reality of what is happening to Christians in Syria today.

Perhaps Christians cannot really fathom any reality that doesn’t require us to put on our ?hair-shirts of mea culpa and self-recrimination? Perhaps we cannot really believe that it is the morally correct thing to do to stand with our literal brothers and sisters of the faith.

At any rate, I think that this is a very important insight, and the commentator made it very clear that he wasn’t making his judgment from a place of partisan criticisms that conservatives sometimes have (this is NOT a conservative criticism of the pope’s stance on the environment!, for example), but instead he is making his judgment from the perspective that since a genocide is happening against Christians, any pope who does not make this his number one focus can be seen to be under-performing in his responsibilities of leader of the Christian world.
The pope’s trip to America was very highly publicized. The pope rates very highly in American public opinon.
But since the genocide is so real, why do Catholics who have the public ear have so little to say about it?


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