ISIS straps explosive suicide belt to a terrified puppy in sick new tactic uncovered by brave Iraqi rebel group who saved the dog's life


[quote=]These are the shocking images of a small puppy in Iraq who had been fitted with a tiny explosive vest to be used in a terrorist attack.

ISIS jihadis wanted the dog to cross the front lines towards rival forces where the device would have been detonated by remote control.

The two-minute video shows three Iraqi rebels involved in the fight against ISIS discussing the bomb.

ISIS has been deploying a range of increasingly desperate weapons as they battle to hold on to their strongholds in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.

The terror organisation has equipped remote control drones with improvised hand grenade holders allowing the jihadis to drop bombs on rival forces.

These are the types of people we are dealing with in Islamic terrorism, murderous maniacs. They are real so don’t pretend that they are not. Guard against it. When it reaches our door steps it will be a tad too late. 9/11 is one too often. And remember it started a war. Prevention is always better than cure.




It is worth noting that these people are not just isolated psychopaths but people who are driven by an ideology in an organization. That is why they are dangerous because they do not act in isolation but systematically with clear organization structure and deeply driven. The only way we can deal and hopefully defeat them is to place the might of the nation forces on them wherever they are, but more so to prevent them to enter the country.


Praying we can find a way to defeat ISIS so no more of God’s Creation - human and animals will be killed by them.


Thank you for posting about this Reuben, so that we know about it.

Oh dear, this is just so sickening and so evil…:frowning:


I pray with you, 7 Sorrows.

I was just thinking about this while I was posting, so I unite my prayers with you and say, “Amen.”


Yes, sir. It so sickening. Just what this type of people could do. We cannot understand this type of mentality but surely we can avoid them if our government is vigilant enough.

President Trump sees the evil at work here; he will guard us against it but there are forces that trying to prevent him from doing so.


Lord graciously hear us. Amen. :gopray2:


Time For Another Crusade.


In all honesty, the headline made think something along the lines of, “Kill many people each day and no one cares, but strap a bomb to a puppy and everyone goes nuts.”

In a sense a ‘crusade’ started it. What we need is to build up the Middle East so that poverty and instability that made ISIS isn’t there, but I’ve no idea how we’d even begin.


Frankly, it is a British tabloid . :wink:


No, the crusades were in response to 400 years of Muslim conquest. Some crusaders committed terrible crimes, but others were heroic.

During the Turkish occupation of the Holy land, Christians could not visit the sacred places…that’s how the stations of the cross came to be.

I’m pretty sure poverty has NOTHING to do with ISIS…they HATE western ideals because we don’t treat women poorly…we let them get educated.


There were so many news about ISIS wanton killing. Nearly everyday one gets to hear of them. Being burned alive, beheaded, crucified (and we thought it was done only during Jesus’ time), killed after being raped and so on.

This one is taken randomly that made the news today.

So they kill, whether humans or animals. But using puppies perhaps is just another repertoire of the evil that they do. And it will be not the last of it.

It is good to know the enemy that we are facing especially for the denials among us. These are monster and they are real.


Maybe that is part of the solution but remember those Muslims volunteering to fight for ISIS were not necessary the poor. Some of them had tertiary education and able to have decent comfortable life if they want to. Yes, of course there are the poor in Middle East, but that is not the sole reason why extremism exist.

So one needs to ask question. Why Islamic terrorism?


Yes, it’s sick. I’d rather a puppy than a child, though. Sorry to be blunt.


ISIS is clearly desperate.

Too bad they have exported their terror to other nations and are now “mentoring” wanna be terrorists abroad. They have already spread their seeds so even if the mother plant dies, seedlings will take its place.


How effective a weapon would this really have been? A puppy could carry only a minuscule charge, relative to the human body, or even a larger dog. And presumably the ISIS operator would need to be in sight, and so could not get close to the enemy held area.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but against all the human beheadings etc. this just seems like terrorist use of our sentimental stereotypes to spook us.


             It would be better to kill a million puppies and save one human being.
  Our country has killed millions of babies through abortion. Perhaps we should
  remove the log from our own eye before we judge others as to the amount of
  evil they commit.


I din’t/ couldn’t watch the video.How absolutely cruel.I do agree with everything you posted.


Are you equating ISSIS with Islam?

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