ISIS Tells Iraqi Christians to Convert or Die


Christians in Iraq have only three choices as they face ISIS militants: covert, die or run to a few remaining safe places.


This was a very interesting article about Assad’s tactics: he encouraged extremists to enter Iraq to mess things up after the US went in and got rid of Saddam Hussein, etc. According to this article, Assad is responsible for a lot of the destabilization in the ME right now.

There was nothing other than what you quote about the Christians, however, which is too bad. Has ISIS stopped doing anything other than beheading journalists?


None of those options is acceptable. :dts: :nope:


If they have a chance, I think they should flee and get as far away from Iraq and ISIS as possible. And there’s biblical reasoning for this as follows:

Revelation 18:4-5

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying,

“Come out of her, my people,
lest you take part in her sins,
lest you share in her plagues;

for her sins are heaped high as heaven,
and God has remembered her iniquities.

Although this verse can apply to first century Jerusalem, I think it can also apply to what’s happening in Iraq, the place where ancient Babylon was located.

“…and God remembered great Babylon…” - Rev. 16:19


We need to pray for courage for these people.




So weird–I somehow ended up at a completely different article :o


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