ISIS Threat: Britain Raises Terror Alert Level to 'Severe'


Britain raised its international terrorism threat level to “severe” Friday - meaning that an attack is “highly likely” - but said there was no specific intelligence to suggest an atrocity was imminent despite concern about ISIS and its Western-recruited fighters. The country’s biggest police force, London’s Metropolitan Police, said it was stepping up visible patrols but no other impact was expected.

“We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism,” Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May said in a statement announcing the change. It is the second time since the discovery of the 2006 transatlantic airliner liquid bomb plot that the U.K. threat level has been higher than “substantial”. “This means a terrorist attack is highly likely, although there is no intelligence to suggest that one is imminent,” the statement said.

“The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West,” May added. “Some of these plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have traveled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts.”


And Obama raised his threat level from “Vacation” to “Fund-Raising.”

Go ahead and smack me. I deserve it; I’m a naughty boy :stuck_out_tongue:


:thumbsup: :slight_smile: No you are not a naughty boy. You are guilty of conmon sense and being rational!


I am glad you said it. I have already used up my anti-Obama rant for today.

In another example of how the media treats the policy failures of the administration, there is widespread coverage of the suit President Obama wore for the news conference where he said we don’t have a strategy.


One president couldn’t pronounce it, and this one doesn’t have one…I’m praying that this is a strategy: saying you don’t have one. I’m praying.


Meanwhile, in between rounds of golf, the leader of the free world admits he has no strategy to defeat the “JV team” of terrorists.


In a twisted sort of way, a part of me hopes that Obama does nothing at all about it and that the UN tries only negotiation after negotiation… The politically correct ‘West’ needs to learn a hard lesson.


Unfortunately the West does need to be brought down to its knees and forgot about the god of money, about myself. We live in such a secular world that a group that was poised to cause destruction would appear. Now people are running. God willing their running to God.


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