Islam (again)

I must admit some of you make it look pretty easy to debunk Islam and it should be soo obvious to muslims that muhammad was a lier. I cant imagine it is that easy to debunk any religion otherwise the educated people would leave.

If it is as clear and easy as many of you think why do people convert to Islam? If the church is so right why do peole leave and go away?

Just wondering.:shrug:


I really honestly believe that christians in the west turn to an islam that is a gross misrepresentation of what islam in the middle east really is.

To be honest I have travelled to the middle east and I find islam as it is practiced there to be repressive and backward.

The picture painted in the west by muslims is only the positive parts, with all the ugliness hidden away.

Some other people that convert, simply do it to rebel.

Most converts actually unconvert after the honeymoon period is over, I have heard that the number is as high as 60% of converts, and I believe that.

Not to mention, converting from Islam to Christianity is a capital crime in many Islamic countries.
Makes it kinda hard to observe the inverse.

For many reasons Irene…some to rebel, some to find an identity they may lack at home, some to belong to a “family” because they lack it in their culture…some because of a love affair, some because they are disillusioned with the people of the church they belong to, some because they do not understand the “Trinity”, some to be able to divorce, some to be able to live in polygamy ecc…of course if they move to Islamic countries where everyone is Muslim, they will not find what they were searching for as Westeners…and surely some will tell you they just “read” the Quran and boom they were fascinated, as Mormons say about the BoM…


I am not sure I by any of these excuses.
If that were true where is the websites, books, articels , tv shows, interviews from these masses of people you talk about?
Certinly some are around, but not as many as the amount of reverts they have and the percentage you would think have lost the “honeymood phase”? :confused:


you want to check the apostates of islam website. Or faith freedom by ibn warraq.

Or even myself, because I converted to islam for a little over 6 months.

Believe me, I have encountered hundreds of ex-muslims, who just dont bother to talk about it.

I had 2 in my office, who told me mohammed and moses and abrham were all psychopathic lunatics.:thumbsup:

What answer are you searching for?

I gave you the answer, I converted, it was nonsensical, I unconverted.

In Islam, apostasy is punishable by death. That alone should explain why any former Muslims aren’t so excited to shout it from the rooftops. In any case, I don’t know why you assume that most people who leave any religion must also be doing “websites, books, articles, tv shows” and whatever else as a result of their decision, anyway? Most of them just want to be left alone about it and get on with their normal lives…

Most Muslim converts revert back within a year.

Muslims must have small man complex or something. That’s why they have to result to death or threat in order to keep Muslim Islamic or faithful. If Islam gives people the free will to choose, they possibly all jump ship by now. Islam sounds just like modern day communism.

1) Islam has many peculiarities of a cult. People generally like the idea of joining a cult than being a member of an ordinary church or religion.

2) Some Europeans think that Islamic culture is exotic.

3) Some Europeans think that the new generation of the West is in the hands of moral decrepitude and degeneration. Those Europeans somehow associate this with the “freedom” (mercy and forgiveness) granted to them by their denomination and/or lack of a Law in Christianity.

4) Some Europeans hate Christianity so much that they decide to join forces with the Church’s only rival, which is Islam. (Their motto is “my enemy’s enemy is my great friend”)

5) Islam claims to unite Judaism and Christianity under the name of Allah’s only religion (Islam) through the supposed new and authentic scripture named Koran.

6) Muslims are better at propogating their faith through the degradation of other religions. Islam is mostly preached with the help of the harsh and unfair critique of the Bible. Muslims do not feel obliged to be honest while proclaiming their faith, this is why they mostly misrepresent their religion as well as avoid critiques through play on words and concepts.

7) Islam has the advantage of being a newer faith than Christianity in human history.

8) Muslims mostly play the role of victims to attract sympathy.
9)** Islam is inextricably bound with world politics and supports militancy. This makes some people consider Islam more realistic as a result of its being concerned with life on this planet.

10) Jesus predicts in the New Testament that few people will be saved on the day of judgment since many will be deceived. (I personally think that this is a theological reason explaining why people leave Jesus and follow other religions or choose atheism.

Hi Irene,
Based on what I’ve seen it in my country, many westerner men who converts to Islam because they get married with muslims women. And here, it’s easier than other religion. Because we should get married by religion first then civil marriage but for muslims, they just register to the Muslim’s marriage office (sorry I’m not sure in English Word) then they already get their marriages approved by civil. So, some couple who have different religion and if they both still keep their religions will go to other country to get married or one of them should change their religions.
And some of them when they get divorced will re-convert to their religion again. Because they may not really understand their faith they just think about religion and they don’t know it spiritualy.

And how about in Europe? I don’t know

**It is true. The muslims allow conversion to Islam but do not allow conversion (Or reversion) to any other faith. But please do not blame it on Islam. Blame it on the present day Muslims but not on Islam.

Because that is not Islam at all. It is some silly idea of the muslims religious leaders, not supported by the Quran. It is because of such silly ideas (There are many other ideas too) that the muslims are suffering in the world.**

Well done algebra. You must have calculated 2+2=3. There is no harm even if all people convert away from islam. But please remember that conversion to Islam is going on in huge numbers in the west. Similarly, conversion to christianity is also going on in some numbers. I personally feel that every one has a right to chose his religion freely and should not be hurt or pressed. THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION. (Al Quran 2:255)

Hip Hip Hurrah. Planten.

[4:89] They wish that you disbelieve as they have disbelieved, then you become equal. Do not consider them friends, unless they mobilize along with you in the cause of GOD. If they turn against you, you shall fight them, and you may kill them when you encounter them in war. You shall not accept them as friends, or allies.

No such thing as murdering in the quran hey Planten? :rolleyes:

Angelos presented great points.

Thanks dear brother. :wink:


many ideas supported by hadith.but u r not ready to accept ur own scripture hadith.many kind of muslims in the,sunni(hanafi,hambli,safy,maleki,ahle hadith etc).ya ahle hadiths r salafist.i was also ahle hadith.but which type of muslim u are?i never saw a muslim before,who deny sahih bukhari or sahih muslim!!!

If it is as clear and easy as many of you think why do people convert to Islam? If the church is so right why do peole leave and go away?

People leave Mahometanism to become Christian in the Middle East–and frequently pay with their lives.

Dear m_s, I am a Sunni Muslim because I give importance to Sunnah after the Quran. The Ahle Hadith give more importance to the sayings (words) of the prophet, even to the point of thinking Hadith to be superior to the Quran.

The Ahle Hadith people whom you have left some of them think of Hadith as more important than Quran. I do not believe that. I believe that the Hadith is very important. But it comes in third place i.e after the 1. Quran and 2. The Sunnah.
Hadith is to serve the Quran and Sunnah, not to take charge of the Quran and Sunnah. Hadith is to help the Quran and Sunnah.

Sunnah is the practice of the holy prophet from the very first day of Islam. I hope it helps to clear up things please.

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