Islam and Catholicism Same God?

I am a bit confused on if Catholics and Muslims believe in the same God because Catholics believe in a trinity and Muslims do not.

Yet in the Catechism of the Catholic Church it says in
841 “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in first place amongst whom are Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

Is the paragraph in means with God the father in the trinity that we share the same God?
I’m confused.

As Christians, we pray to the God of Abraham. So do Muslims and Jews. Muslims reject the divinity of Jesus Christ, as do Jews. Jews continue to wait for a Messiah.

How many gods are there? One

Therefore if I believe in the God of Abraham and my Muslim coworker believes in the God of Abraham, and my Jewish sister-in-law believes in the God of Abraham we all three believe in the same God. We also all three believe different things about that God.

Only one of us is right about Him-- hint… it’s me.


There is only one God, the Muslim faith does not share in the fullness of revealed truth that the Catholic and apostolic Churches do but nevertheless both they and the Jewish people and other monotheist faiths worship the one God.

To say this is utter blasphemy.

Then for your point of view the Catechism must by definition be a blasphemous work.

muslims worship the devil, although not knowingly.

That is your belief and not what the Church teaches and your posts have a history of presenting a rather, cough cough, jaundice view of Muslims in general.

It is not just my belief…
But it is in the bible also, I cannot remember the exact verse.

Many ancient Greeks were monotheists, despite the fact that we all think they were all polytheists, believing in only one supreme god; Zeus. Study their writings carefully and you’ll see that it’s so. Even in the Iliad sometimes Zeus is the one supreme being. Some characterizations of Zeus could have come from the Old Testament practically. Some characterizations from some bawdy novel. They didn’t all believe the same thing.

So, in answering the question, I would say “yes”; the god of the Muslims is the same as the God of the Christians in the same sort of way that Zeus was the same god to the Greeks who were monotheistic. But not a bit more.

Probably that is as far as it goes. :wink:

Hi. The CCC says they do. This can only mean because there is only one God. If they claim to worship that God, then that is their belief without us going into it. But since that belief is different from ours, we can only say that they have different understanding of God which from our view is not the complete understanding and therefore erroneous.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen… Your lesson for today is… how do wars start ?

I could give a clue...... but really....... you can work it out for yourself.  haha

Interesting that you would say that. Some tried to make us believe that an offensive movie caused deaths in Libya when, in fact, they were caused when some fool (Identity expunged)put weapons into the hands of people who were fanatical followers of certain beliefs. That fool then lied about it, not wanting anyone to know or speak the truth.

Wars are not started by speaking the truth, and some are only postponed for failing to face it. And sometimes vigilance inspired by knowing the truth, deters.

The Second Vatican Council taught that Muslims worship the one true God: The Church regards with esteem also the Muslims. They adore the
one God, living and subsisting in himself; merciful and all-powerful,
the Creator of heaven and earth, who has spoken to men; they take
pains to submit wholeheartedly to even his inscrutable decrees, just
as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking
itself, submitted to God. (Nostra Aetate 3)
We do worship the same God, or at least believe in the same God, but have different views about that same God,
the view of the Muslims possibly disqualifying True Worship of the same The-God, Al-Lah. There are many naugh-
ty Christians out there who will go on the web and blab on Youtube and in blogs that “Muslims worship a different
god”, or claim that “Allah is a pagan Moon God” (or at least a pagan God), will try to make them out to be Ka’aba
idolators, or Black Stone worshipers, use outdated encyclopedias from the 80s in an attempt to prove that Al-Lah
(The God) is the same as “ilah” (god w/ lowercase “g”), to connect him to the Arabian Pagan god Hubal, or Alala,
scholastically depressing. None of these claims are true.

but they believe in God none the less, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Al-Lah.

cannot remember the exact verse”, right, come back when
you have it and let’s discuss it thoroughly, in context and all.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say God and Zeus are similar, yes “Zeus”
linguistically traces back to a word meaning god, but Zeus was a
dirty philanderer, I think then there can be no correlation between
the two.

This may be off topic, but Mohammad, the Islam prophet, was quite a man himself. It is not totally irrelevant none the less, since we cannot see God but indeed we can see his prophet. It may be said sometimes, that the prophet exemplifies the god the sent him.

I didn’t start that, just needed to comment on someone else’s reply, sorry. :blushing:

I’m unsure what you are implying there about Muhammad.
Was that in relation to what I said concerning Zeus?

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