Islam and Grace


I was wondering, Does Islam has any notion of grace?


Yes and no. Not as Catholics know grace. There is no original sin, only death. So, no grace is needed there…In reality, from what I understand, grace in Islam is forgiveness of sins. One is responsible for their sins, but they may repent. When they do, it is said to show the grace of Allaah. There is no atonement, so no need for the cross, but rather open forgiveness…I may be off on this, but this is how I understand it…

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From my reading about Al-lah, he’s a lot more unsettled in what he wants from his followers, even the ‘obedient’ may not necessarily get to heaven. His ‘grace’ if he has an equivalent of it seems to be arbitrarily doled out.


Sounds like a more Nominalistic, Protestant understanding of Grace, as opposed to the Realist Apostolic view of Grace as the sharing of Divine Life.

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I just want to say, I have not studied that much about Islam, so I may be off on my assessment. I’ve searched through my book of doctrines in Islam (which is as thick as the Qur’an), but I don’t see anyting about grace. I do remember reading about grace somewhere, though…:confused:

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Try this searchable on-line Koran. Use the simple search with the word grace


Some times different words have teh same meaning in different religions.

May be if someone would explain what is the definition of grace in Christianity or catholicism then a muslim would be able to understand and respond.



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