Islam and the spread of std's and polygamy

As we know, the spread of hiv and aids is not slowing down.
Now, in many parts of Africa, quite a few of the countries where aids is spreading through are a high majority of muslim countries.
Here are some statistics:

country pop perc muslim number muslim pop with hiv/aids
Cameroon 15,803,220 55.0% 8,691,771 540,000
Chad 8,707,078 85.0% 7,401,016 200,000
Cote d’-voire 14,762,445 60.0% 8,857,467 480,000
Ethiopia 57,171,662 65.0% 37,161,580 980,000
Nigeria 126,635,626 75.0% 94,976,720 2,600,000


As you can see, these facts are alarming. Now my questions to muslims is this, if polygamy and divorce are ok, why is your al’lah allowing the spread of such a deadly disease like this?
In Christianity, we believe in one man/one women, so if we do not divorce and stay with our life partner, we dont have to worry about contracting any std’s.
But, in islamic belief, its ok to divorce and to have multiple sexual partners (as in wives and slaves). Im only using hiv/aids as an example, as there are many other std’s out there affecting lives of people, but with islamic beliefs, it is contributing to the spread of such horrid diseases.
So, why does al’lah allow this?

sorry the stats didnt come out properly, here they are again
perc muslim
number muslim
pop with hiv/aids



Cote d’-voire



The truth of God does not change depending on what diseases plague His followers. It’s not as if the Catholic Church does not oppose certain measures to prevent STD transmission.

Yes, the Catholic church indeed does oppose measures. If we follow the teachings of Jesus, he taught us to wait until marriage before we have sex with each other, with ONE man and women, not multiple partners.
Therefore, by following the laws of the church, there is no chance of spreading anything. In islam, they are allowed multiple partners, and are allowed to divorce, which leads the floodgates open for disease to spread.
My point been also, if islam is correct, why would this be allowed to happen.
Now please, at least keep on thread on the actual subject Eleve :rolleyes:

It is still strange to reason that followers of God’s truth would never be afflicted by disease.

The point of my thread is about polygamy!!! Or have you not picked that up yet???
Why would God allow sexually transmitted disease if polygamy is ok???
That is the topic in question, if you want to bring up something else, start another thread ok

This thread is as much about STDs as it is about polygamy. Both are elements of your question.

Incidentally, do you recall how many wives Kings David and Solomon had?

Yes i do, and do you know that subject about them has been done to death!!!
And i said, my main focus is one why al’lah allows it, as ive already explained to you.
Now keep this thread on track, and use the search to look up about David and Solomon and stop trying to put this thread off course!!!

I see what you’re saying, Dolphinlove, and I agree. God instructed us to remain faithful to our spouse for many reasons, disease prevention being one of them. Yes, many faithful people contract STDs, but that’s usually the result of someone’s dishonesty about their sexual history. Obviously, the dishonest person did not obey the Lord anyway. That’s free will. So, it’s safe to conclude that if you were to have a community of faithful Catholics, there would be a very low risk of STDs - if any at all. All it takes is one infected person who marries a faithful Catholic to introduce an STD.

your conclusions are flawed because you presume those who contracted STDs have done so out of polygamous relationships. I haven’t seen any statistics on HIV/AIDS broken down by religious affiliation. The fact that majority population of the countries you listed is Muslim, is just that. It doesn’t tell us anything about the patterns and spread of HIV.

second, your argument doesn’t account for what percentage of HIV is spread through polygamous marriage as opposed to unprotected sex outside of marriage, prostitution, rape, poverty, ect…

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: , i was gaoing to say the same thing

there is no statiatics about the precentage of muslims suffering Aids with comparison of nonmuslims in africa

beside the spread of Aids happens becuase of adultery in the first place , not because of polygamy

so you want the breakdown of polygamous marriages that have contracted hiv, bit hard to do dont you think?
If you look at the number of muslims in the countries, esp in a country like nigeria whose laws are very strict indeed when it comes to sexual contact before marriage. The statistics for contracting aids/hiv is very high.
Now, im sure there are other factors in the spread of this horrid disease, but you cant tell me polygamy isnt part of the blame as well? I mean, if you divorce, you marry someone else, its sort of a way of bed hopping when you really think about it, isnt it?

Ok , Islam is spreading HIV and viruses and also a false religion …happy ?

Correlation does not imply causation

Thank you for saying this.

I would also point out the the nations that are most affected by HIV in sub-Saharan Africa are predominately Christian, such as South Africa with an HIV infection rate of 18%

I understand the OP’s zeal to condemn polygamy, but Christians in sub-Saharan Africa engage in multiple concurrent partnerships too… they just aren’t sanctioned by religion. But such relationships do have a strong cultural base, and its been a real factor driving the HIV crisis.

BTW, if you check the HIV rates in countries around the world which are predominantly Muslim (not just sub-Saharan Africa), I think you will find that the HIV rates are very low in them.

Nicely said (to both of you) :wink:


I think polygamy will contribute to that but not as much as adultery and rape, unless there is man like this one who married 58 times!

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