Islam and World Peace -- Explanations of a Sufi


My brothers, the holy wars that the children of Adam are waging today are not true holy wars. Taking other lives is not true jihad We will have to answer for that kind of war when we are questioned in the grave. That jihad is fought for the sake of men, for the sake of earth and wealth, for the sake of one’s children, one’s wife, and one’s possessions. Selfish intentions are intermingled within it.

  True *jihad* is to praise God and cut away the inner satanic enemies. When wisdom and clarity come to us, we will understand that the enemies of truth are within our own hearts. There are four hundred trillion, ten thousand spiritual opponents within the body: satan and his qualities of backbiting, deceit, jealousy, envy, treachery, the separations of I and you, mine and yours, intoxicants, theft, lust, murder, falsehood, arrogance, karma, illusion, mantras and magics, and the desire for earth, sensual pleasures, and gold. These are the enemies which separate us from Allah, from truth, from worship, from good actions and good thoughts, and from faith, certitude, and determination. These are the enemies which create divisions among the children of Adam and prevent us from attaining a state of peace.

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen



Sometimes it seems to me that Islam is focused on “keeping from evil” rather than focusing on drawing closer to God. Does the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth play any role in Islam? What leads and guides a muslim? Praising God is certainly our role here on earth, and I believe we demonstrate that through our treatment of fellow man. God doesn’t need us to destroy everything that has potential for evil. He will “keep us from all evil”, as that is what Jesus taught us to pray.




I would suspect that a Muslim would say that God does the guiding and leading.

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