Islam: are the 5 prayer times uniform for a given locale?

As I understand it, there is usually in the Islamic world a call to prayer 5 times a day, at which point all do so.

I’m curious about popular tourist spots, that are also small physically. If there is a tiny historic mosque, where participating in prayer would be a signature experience for a Muslim tourist. Could they have multiple prayer times, each for a new busload of tourists? Or is it only proper to have the 5 standard ones, and whoever gets there late gets to pray near the diesel fumes?

Yes, they could have multiple prayer times, for example:

Noon prayer (Zuhur prayer) starts at 12:00pm.
After-noon prayer (Aseer prayer) starts at 3:00pm.

Then there can be 100 groups all praying the noon prayer (Zuhur prayer) from 12pm till just before 3pm.

The prayer times are not exact, they begin at a certain time and end at a certain, and you can perform that prayer anytime in between (though it’s preferable to do so earlier).

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