ISLAM - Fr. Samir: The taboos of the Muslims, the false freedom of the West [AN]

The case of the anti-Islamic film and of the cartoons satirising Mohammed highlights two different cultures: Islamic culture, which hails from dictatorships and complaints, and Western culture, liberal and iconoclastic towards religion. Too much sanctity among Muslims and too much secularism among Westerners. But the Islamic world is changing: there’s increasingly more condemnation of the violence. The Pope’s proposal in Lebanon to build coexistence in diversity and not in uniformity.


I call for a global theocracy. Put His Holiness in charge of the world and trust in Christ to fix everything. Now try selling that to all the major world powers to relinquish their power for the betterment of all mankind.

We tried that. It was called Christendom, and it didnt work too well. Theocracy invites corruption into the Church, it doesn’t expel it from civil government. What we can do, however, is attempt to form a ‘moral-ocracy’, a government where people vote with their conscience. A conscience formed by good, strong catechism.

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