Islam seems like such a tragedy.

seems Muslims were in need of monotheism. too bad Christianity couldn’t have reached them first.

Actually, it’s even sadder than that: Christianity did reach them first. Unfortunately, Islam spread much more rapidly and became the dominant faith.

If only . . . .


Read and relax. God is in charge. Remember how communism was going to take over the world? All such man-made movements have the fatal flaw that is their undoing.

I remember a famous rabbi of Conservative Judaism (midway in terms of orthodoxy between Orthodox and Reform Judaism, to put it crudely) once said he thought it was part of G-d’s plan that people have different religions. And, it seems to me, Islam is just fine as an expression of Abrahamic monotheistic faith, just as Judaism and Christianity are. So I don’t agree that Islam is “such a tragedy.”

the God is in charge thing doesn’t thrill me. look what Nazism ,Communism did before they were beaten…

maybe because it came from an Arab it grabbed them.

Other than the false prophet part, the jihads, the fatwas, the dhimmitude and the various other faults (including the desire to eliminate meltzerboy from the earth), yes, it is fine. But, it is not a faith that withstands scrutiny, and for that reason has a fragile nature, in spite of seeming invincibility.

I think it’s enough that Muslims believe in God and that his will matters.

Isn’t Christianity a man-made movement?

Happy Passover, metlzerboy :slight_smile:

The American Muslims I know have no desire to eliminate me from the face of the earth, and are gentle and good people. Yes, there are Islamic extremists, but there are also Christian extremists and Jewish extremists, even if fewer in number. Muhammad may be a false prophet to you and me, but not to devout Muslims, and I think we should respect that even if we disagree.

Really? If Christ was born in your hometown, would you believe his teachings because he was from your hometown, or because his message was more profound and true than the messages of all the other preaching locals?

This sounds kind of racist.

Thank you, Bezant, and a Blessed Easter to you and yours.

Why do only extremist Muslims count? :shrug:

It really doesn’t make sense at all to say Islam is a “fragile” faith because it can’t withstand criticism – and not hold Christianity to the same standard.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Man, Jesus Christ, yes. But, more than a man He is.

Christianity is has always been held to a much higher standard, because the world hates Christ, but fears Islam. Muslim extremists count because they are the ones murdering, raping and pillaging, mutilating their women, and seeking to kill or convert Bezant. That’s why. And, until Islam collapses like the house of cards that it is, it will remain a threat even to fellow Muslims.


Muslims deny the trinitarian status, deity, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (some modern scholars accept his crucifixion because the facts prevent them from doing otherwise).

Is it God’s will for one and a half billion people to reject these truths?

No, it’s not - unless if you believe in hearsay.
Even though there are many human elements within Christianity like art, the very truths of Christianity are not man-made.

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