Islam to take over Ireland says Muslim lobby group

pagan religion than it does with the foreign religion of Christianity"](

This would not be the first bombastic and at the same time outrageous statement that a muslim group or individual has said…or for that matter done. :frowning:

ahahaha I’d like to seem 'em try! :rotfl:

Too many folks have killed and died for their version of Christianity in Ireland to let some eastern, arab religion barge in. I have a few relatives who would go down fighting to the last man, I’d be with them… :knight2:


Muslims are saying the same thing about the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, etc. And they have successfully, so far, waged a stealth Jihad against us. There is sharia banking in Michigan. There is the MSA in our Universities that is brainwashing our young adults. The mainstream media won’t even name the perps if they are Muslims - they rename them as Arabs, Africans, etc. TV channels, such as PBS, the History Channel, etc put out untruths about Islam and Muhammad. They have gotten some industries to cowtow to their Muslim prayer times (Tyson, etc) while the others work. Our government has renamed the War on Terror and are afraid of offending Muslims. We don’t even mention the slaughters/genocides that have happened for fear of offending Muslims (eg: Armenia, etc).

The list goes on. Maybe people should take another look at the history of a small country such as Lebanon and see how easily they can do it. The UK is further along than Ireland from what I can surmise, but it isn’t far fetched that they start taking over Ireland. Our young adults think Islam is ‘cool’ and don’t look any further into their bloody Jihads than what the clerics tell them.

Another thing our government does, they have ‘sensitivity training’ for others to understand Muslims while, of course, there is no standard for the Muslims. In the FBI they didn’t want to work with Jews so they got their way. It is pure prejudice and they get away with it. Many Jews know multiple languages of the Middle East and I would trust a Jew translating the documents from suspected terrorists than I would a Muslim who is told to support Jihadists and deceive us! All they have to do to make it seem like they are forthcoming is to make sure that some documents are translated ok, while who knows when ‘sudden Jihad syndrome’ will be the order of the day and they don’t translate them correctly!

Some sources for this: Act for America, Islam in Action, and if you can get past your prejudice of and go there you can always click on the original news article they always provide.

Brigette Gabriel’s talk at the Thomas More Law Center

This one is a bit longer with more videos, but well worth it to learn about what happened in Lebanon if you don’t want to read her book:

URL=“”]Jewels from Brigette Gabriel

I don’t want to forget the part where the Muslims have put their version of Jihad and Muhammad in our kid’s history books and the governments mostly have not changed them. The only one that has changed them is Arizona. Act for America has some articles about these things.

And the MSA and their anti-semitism in our Universities are also mentioned in articles in Act for America’s website. Along with the anti-semitism is the part where they do not tell the truth about Islam. It is their version of it and we see what the Muslims on these threads write about their version of Islam’s history…:shrug: The left in our countries, including Ireland, just let it go and don’t even bother to correct the facts.

In the DVD, The Third Jihad, there are many Muslims stating the same thing about a takeover and they also talk about the compounds - over 30 of them - in the USA. They have articles about them in Act for America and I think, Islam in Action, too.

Mostly what stymies our government from doing anything is their continual whining and wailing that they are victims. Of course, no violence is done against them and they have been caught too many times to count, around our country, with hate literature, inciting that Jihad (not the peaceful kind) and to not integrate into our societies.

Ireland is too Christian to ever become home to a false religion like Islam. The Republic is 98% Catholic while Northern Ireland is about the same though Protestants make up a significant majority. Muslims like this are lying to themselves about the ability to spread their religion.

For now, we prostitute ourselves to oil.

what you guys didn’t count on is that most of the active Muslims in spreading the faith in those countries are not foreign immigrants, rather they are native American, British and Irish people who have converted to Islam and are actively involved in spreading the faith. Would those relatives you have still “go down fighting” if it’s their son, daughter, husband, wife, or nephew who converted to Islam?

The one’s that convert to Islam will be individuals who have done it for their own beliefs, it will be difficult for their children and grandchildren to remain Muslim in an overwhelmingly Christian or secular nation when Islam is not ingrained in the culture. Its an entirely different mindset, an Eastern mindset and worldview, one that is difficult to maintain in a second generation Muslim, white, Western mind. My relatives would most likely pull out the theology and debate the relative. If the relative sticks to the Muslim culture, most of their friends will be Muslim. They would have few friends left in their native town to fall back on after a few years. No one would go down fighting because the convert would just fade away and their children would return to the Faith. No child of mine would ever convert… :highprayer:


That’s settled, then - paganism is distinguished from Catholicism, from which it follows that Catholicism cannot be a form of pagan religion. :slight_smile:

Famdigy: When are you going to give us some real, verifiable information about this Father-- if he actually exists. :sad_yes: You keep dodging the central points and want to discuss other issues. Let us know soon. Perhaps we can arrive at some real truth instead of just stories.

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ISTM there is a difference between taking a place over, and being accommodated. Catholics are accommodated in various ways in the UK - but it hardly follows that Catholics are “taking over” the UK. A lot of the present fears about & suspicions of Muslims mirror those entertained about Catholics in the past:
*]the fear of being swamped as a result of having a large Catholic population
*]fear of subversion by Catholics obedient to a “foreign ruler”
*]suspicion of a different & unfamiliar way of life
*]the condemnation of Catholicism by quoting what Popes really meant, as opposed to what Catholics claimed they meant
*]emphasis upon the aggressiveness & expansionist zeal of Catholicism
]alarm at the presence of Catholics in a Protestant country who might act as a “fifth column”
]the recital of Catholic bloodthirstiness as a reminder of the “true character” of Catholicism
[/LIST]And so on. The vilification, because of his supposed Muslim identity, which was held to be proved by his being named Hussein, of a certain prominent politician recently elected to high office in the US, recalls the vilification of Alfred Smith in the 1928 election. Smith was a Democrat, but he, unlike this more recent Democrat contender, lost - because of his Catholicism. So there are many similarities between attitudes to Catholics & Muslims. ISTM that Catholics of all people should learn from these similarities: if people can be wrong about Catholics, maybe they can be wrong about Muslims. If Catholics were not (as was supposed) storing guns in churches in readiness for the day when they would rise up against the Most Protestant Country on Earth, & make it Catholic by force - maybe Muslims in the US & the UK are equally innocent of such intentions.

Gottle: You obviously are the cutting edge in this thread. Thank you for centering us closer to the truth, Christian compassion and the clarity of thought that comes from the Holy Spirit:blessyou:

One- Its just some crackpot claim. Lets face it if the Muslims weren’t trying to make everyone (everywhere) Muslims, then they would not be living out their faith, and would probably be attacked on here as hypocrites.

Two-they won’t get very far. As ‘‘Irishguy45’’ said, albeit in a very dramatic and possibly ‘‘across the pond’’ style, the Irish people are pretty accustomed to their own culture and the history of the Troubles shows how resistant many are to outside influences on said culture.

Three-as Gottle of Geer pointed out, it was us they threw this accusation at in the UK, Northern Ireland, America, etc first.

And yes, before you throw my location at me, I am Irish, and have closer ties to the country than many on this thread I’d bet.

Yes, they would.
You do not understand the Irish if you think they would back down. Maybe the Islamics would back down in those circumstances, I don’t know. But in the Irish Civil War, in which the pro-Treaty Provisional Government defeated the anti-Treaty Republican forces, entire families were often split in their allegiance, fathers and sons and brothers did take up arms against each other and did kill each other. And that was just over politics. Religion has always been stronger than politics and it often united the country in its most dark hours.
Cromwell and all the English armies he could get his hands on could not beat the Irish. Why?
Cromwell said that if he could have broken the Rosary he could have crushed the Irish.

The thing about all of this is that the Irish should never rest again because the Muslims do not rest. Their goal is to take what they feel is theirs - all of this globe. Because they feel that it is Allah’s and Muhammad’s earth. And they don’t care how long it takes.

And they have oil money supporting wahabbi clerics, Saudis 2nd largest export. We have seen that in our countries that I have mentioned too. The increase in hate taught in these mosques in our countries has risen sharply.

If you don’t think they won’t start getting their versions of their take on history in your schools, and get Islam into the mix, while not telling the truth about it - think again. They will keep on working on it. For Islam is eternal war with unbelievers whether it be by stealth or violence (or a combination).

All it takes is a bunch of left wing idiots (we seem to have a lot here in the USA, the UK and the EU) to allow Islam to get a strong foothold.

Take for example the USA. We had an incident with Waco and everyone got in a hoopla about it and as it turned out our government killed a lot of children in that hoopla. They had weapons and were preparing for some sort of conspiracy theory they had at the time.

Well, we have OVER 30 compounds that Muslims are actively training (weapons, bombs, etc) and the FBI, local/Fed governments, CIA, etc are doing NOTHING about. And they have a stated ideology of warring with unbelievers. The guy who has started these compounds is tied to terrorists - a Pakistani, Sheikh Gilani. But our governments get ‘sensitivity training’ instead and Muslims infiltrating at some of the highest offices in these organizations. France has over 700 ‘sensitive urban areas’ that their own police won’t enter. You better believe that this goes on in the rest of the EU, and wherever you find a sizeable Muslim group.

They are working on that in the L.A. area now - an area for themselves. And it is indeed dangerous for unbelievers to enter those areas.

But, my point is that we see them grow, as in Michigan and they elect politicians. And our left wing idiots vote right along with them. They think they are cool. They are useful idiots.

Islam in school textbooks

Here is an article that Geert Wilders pointed to in his speech to his parliament about their Muslim problem.% of muslims and % of violence directed against non-muslims

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

May be , Ireland won’t be a Muslim dominated place in near future , but some / many Irish accepted the Truth already.

The One and Only

Catholic I was Indeed

Diane Charles Breslin - Ph.D.

…I was enrolled in a Catholic nursery school at the age of four and spent the next 12 years of my life surrounded by heavy doses of trinity indoctrination.

Crosses were everywhere, all day long - on the nuns themselves, on the walls of the classroom, in church which we attended almost daily, and in almost every room of my house.

Not to mention the statues and holy pictures - everywhere you looked there was baby Jesus and his mother Mary - sometimes happy, sometimes sad, yet always classically white and Anglo featured.

…I repeated the ritual supplications of the Our Father and the Hail Mary and the Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, all the while looking upward and saying with my true heart—I know its only You, one almighty You-I’m just saying this stuff because it’s all I ever learned.

Muslim Woman,

Ireland will not become a Muslim nation. That is all.

God bless


hopefully in my lifetime islam will be swept from the earth.

This woman is an American, not Irish. You do know that intentionally misrepresenting facts is a LIE and a SIN?

And, as with so many of Muslim Woman’s posts, I can find no record of this person outside of Muslim sites. A PhD publishes stuff. It is what they do…

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