Islam vs catholic debates

Does anyone know were I can get any islam vs catholic debates?


I would read anything by Robert Spencer. He is Catholic and his books are sold on Catholic Answers.

Or one can visit Matt Slick’s website and read his subsection on Islam. Once one is done with the subsection on Islam, one can read his subsection on Catholicism.

but any debates? I like the back and fourth.

I don’t think I’ve seen any Islam Vs Catholicism debates online. But I have seen James White (alpha and omega ministries) vs another of various Islamic debaters. Even though James is no friend of Catholicism he is a great debater and he has shot through their inconsistencies. So check him out.

What is there to debate about? The is only one Lord–Jesus Christ.

Yeah I have all his with muslims, answering muslims is another great source for debates. I was just interested in some with catholic vs muslims for different flare.

just what protestants say yet many debates with them. If you are unaware muslims do not believe this, just one reason for debates.

Yeah, but, at their cores, Catholics and Protestants share the same basic belief–i.e., that Jesus Christ is Lord, the only-begotten Son of God, and our redeemer. Islam emphatically rejects all of that. Because our fundamental assumptions about the nature of the universe are so different, there’s nothing meaningful to debate about with Muslims. We will not convert them via debates.

I do disagree in fact many have converted. That I think is why we disagree there should be debates.

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