Islam vs Christianity

  • Islam -
  1. Holy Qu’ran was given by an angel, it is immutable and perfect. It is not allowed translations, or it is highly not recommended. Arabic language is the only one perfect source - unintelligible for most of the mortals

  2. Holy Qu’ran must be justified by the Christian Bible, or by apocryphal ( not accepted by Christians) Gospels. Or other external books, Any contradiction with the Holy Qu’ran is synonym of man-corruption, and fabrication

  3. The holy Qu’ran basically it gives a economic, cultural and political perspective about what should be a perfect society.

  4. The Holy Qu’ran Teaches how to please Allah, i.e., how to pray, what to eat, whats lawful/unlawful, how to fast, how to pray, how many prays per day, how to wash, how to eat, what to eat, relationships between muslims and non-Muslims, what to wear …

  5. There is big differences in messages between Mecca suras and Medina suras. Islam is quite peaceful and tolerant in Mecca suras, but it changes drastically in medina suras

  6. Heaven is a place of full lust for a man, there is no reference for destiny of a woman, i.e., what should be like the Heaven for a Woman

  7. It is not clear about Allah Perfect Justice to those abused in life. Allah Mercy forgives all, or not, it is unknown

  8. Allah is not a Father, we can’t call Him Father

  9. Allah is invisible, untouchable, transcendental, out of this galaxy, It’s hard or quite impossible to view a Image of Allah in Creation

  10. Must be servant of Allah Almighty

  • Christianity -
  1. The Bible was made By man, but was inspired by God Himself. There is changes due to translations, but the meaning and messages is immutable

  2. The Bible justifies itself, there is no need for other book, and remains almost the same for thousands years. Revisions/Changes in punctuations, spellings, are normal, but rare

  3. There is separation between state and religion - God to God, Caesar to Caesar

  4. There is only to main laws : LOVE GOD OVER ALL, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF…all other laws are based in this 2

  5. Jesus renewed all, OLD Testament means OLD

  6. Heaven is a place where there is no Woman or Man, there is only angels who serves God in a plenty happiness, to whom God delivers some task in is Creation

  7. There is full justice and full Mercy, without nullify each other

  8. God is a Father, and A Mother, and a Brother, we can call Him in our heart and be close to Him

  9. God triUNE nature is visible in Water (H2O), in Time concept (past + present+future), in almost everything…even a ridiculous EGG ( shell + egg white + yolk )…the whole universe is a image of the glory of God.
    Present…alive…close to us…and gives signs ( Lady Mary of FATIMA - PORTUGAL and Mohammad Daughter also named Fatima )

  10. Assume a condition of complete simplicity - costing not less than everything, serving all - wash your enemies feet


Guess what

  • I was banned because of this thread “Islam vs Chirstianity” , in WWW.IMANWAY.COM interfaith discussion board, because of insulting Islam

  • I was insulted in discussion board, just because I said HOLY Qu’ran, and was accused to be a friend of muslims washing their feet and kissing their super-sacred book just as pope JP2 did

Aren’t we in a crazy World ?

Really crazy


I would disagree with this. Jesus here merely stated the fact that Israel people were under two rules: religious (the Jewish priests) and secular (the Roman Cesar). However “in the beginning” it was not so: a high priest ruled over Israel, and only when the people rebelled, God allowed a king to rule over Israel.
Therefore, even for today I am not such a big fan of “separation of church and state”. Although I see some benefits of it, I am certain it has caused more harm than good. (A bit off the topic, I know.)



Jesus teachings clearly says that there is a separation of Religion and State

But of course not always that was true, mainly in Middle Ages when kingdoms and Kings wanted full control in religion matters always threatening Pope with schism


Did you mean the same passage about coins with Cesar’s image, or some other one? Don’t really want to argue, just curious were else Jesus talks about separation of Church and state.


As well as the coin episode, there is also a passage in one of Paul’s Epistles talking about obedience to the authorities which indicates to me that Christians aren’t meant to be the government. Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world didn’t he?


oh dear:confused:
if you offend both sides then you are probably doing something right:thumbsup:


Did you mean the same passage about coins with Cesar’s image, or some other one?

That passage/verse means just what it means : State to State…God to God

Don’t really want to argue, just curious were else Jesus talks about separation of Church and state.

The problem is that the real truth of Jesus is distorted over centuries

2 Timothy, 4

2. Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
3. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

It will be that way always


I said I didn’t want to argue, but just have to respond to this :slight_smile: Sorry, but I completely disagree. Just because we have to obey our authorities, doesn’t mean we cannot be them. I have to obey the police, but that doesn’t mean I can’t become a cop. (I think what Paul meant here was that even though our authorities might not be Christian, we still have to obey them.)
But most importantly, Christians HAVE to be in the government. Look what’s going on in Europe and the US (as well as other countries). Abortion is allowed and paid by taxpayers’ money, publicly opposing homosexuality might relatively soon become a criminal offense, etc. Government is one of the best places where we can proclaim the Gospel. I think it’s pretty dangerous to have a non-Christian government in our countries.

True, but remember that Messiah was thought to be a more or less secular king (like David), therefore Jesus had to remind that it was not His purpose.


Here’s what I found at ImanWay:

*** Text deleted by moderator:
Reason: The comparison includes 90% false information based on pure assumptions and lies. To call heaven as a lust place for men in Islam is a total insult to Islam. The post was written in such a sick way to twist facts and figures with no proves by any sources, neither the Bible nor the Noble Quran or Sunnah. The user is banned for one month!!

Next time, please read the forum rules before twisting things. You have been warned several times in the past, but it seems you want to act blindly, so you get your ban! ***

Looking over your opening post, I agree with the moderator at ImanWay, obvious to everyone, you did twist the facts in both the Islam and Christianity parts of your comparison.


Um… isnt the promise of getting 70 virgins when you enter paradise considered lustful?

I know if I was offered 70 cheeseburgers when i went to paradise would be considered greedy…


I don’t see nothing wrong in my allegations

But what I see is a crazy world

Kissing the Qu’ran by JP2 is a sacrilege

I can imagine what scandal it could be if JP2 washed muslims feet

The Real Jesus, is killed every day, every week, and month, over centuries

He could be killed this day as He was 2000 years before

That’s my interpretation of this

You can follow this discussion in this islam forum : also insulted me

Crazy world


Oh I agree that Christians should be in government, if that’s what you mean. I just don’t think the Church should be in charge. Yes, Christians provide the salt for every layer of society and it’s important that we try and influence society into becoming just and respecting Christian values - for example many magistrates in the UK are Christians.
But I fear that theocracies have their own flaws.


Yes, naturally presenting unpalatable truths is unacceptable…
when you look at the Koran etc it is obviously biased against women, esp with regards to "Paradise"
the sexual element of the Islamic Paradise is basically perverted


The “hadith” which that alleged promise is based on is classified as strange, thus is not trustworthy.

I wonder why Christians remain so ignorant of that fact while they endlessly repeat the 70 virgins myth?


The sexual element of Islamic Paradise is largely assumed, since there is no specific mention of sex in the hereafter, neither in the Quran nor in authentic hadith.


assumed or not, most Muslims have the same understanding eg perpetual virginity

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