Islam--Who Are We to Judge?


Islam: Who are we to judge?


Ultimately, we will be judged for our failure to judge. A certain unnamed religion has, from its inception, been incompatible with the west - indeed with the rest of the world. The Battle of Lepanto (and many other incursions) is instructive for those with “coexist” bumper stickers.


If someone shoots at me with intent to kill, I am not being judgmental when I say he was trying to kill me.

If someone burns down my church because he wants everyone to be forced to attend his church instead, I am not being judgmental when I say he committed arson or that he tried to deprive me of access to my church.

It would be judgmental to claim without convincing evidence that all the shooter’s friends and relatives approved of his actions.


Bingo. And that’s where a lot of people go overboard, painting all Muslims as evil.


Good article.

Also note that the date of the Battle of Lepanto (Oct. 7) is well known in a lot of European countries and celebrated as an unofficial holiday.


Well, for starters Islam is anti-Christ and blasphemes the Holy Trinity. The Quran is also in error calling Mary the third person of the Holy Trinity.

“But Nigel, Islam says Jesus is a prophet”.

Islam denies Christ’s divinity, denying God, claiming that God would never stoop so low as to be born of a woman.

Islam and the Quran are hostile to Christianity, and brutally and mercilessly hostile towards the Jews. It is horrible.
Islam teaches terrible violence towards non-believers, and teaches violence and rape against women of all kinds, even their own.
Islam is totalitarian political ideology as much as it is a religion.

I could go on all day about why we MUST judge Islam and recognize that it is evil.

Don’t take it from me. Read the Quran and see for yourself.


Sigh… just what we needed.


As long as we distinguish between judging Islam as a religion/set of theological statements and judging the character of individual Muslims.


Islam is the work of Satan, leading people away from Jesus Christ. Let’s not forget that.

I grew up in a diverse area and had lots of Muslim friends growing up. They are a very nice an warm hearted group of people.

But the religion itself is evil.


Pleased to say that I have been to Mass in the UK and heard it said from the pulpit that while we must respect individuals we must also remember that Islam is a heresy.


And it is more than Lepanto… the whole Balkans were under Muslim rule for hundreds of years… if the Ottomans hadn’t been stopped at the gates of Vienna, what kind of world would we live in?



Don’t forget Tours


And it’s the people I was talking about, you might want to notice.


Precisely. And Spain? The “reconquista” was not accomplished without the shedding of blood.


Islam the religion is evil. Muslims can be, and often are, good people. Even the ones who thoroughly believe what they’re taught though their religion.

Yes. With the proviso that most Muslims think their religion is the truth.

@Salmonslayer: please remember that God chose Abraham. The Jews are His chosen people.


The Jews were God’s chosen people, and were set apart from other nations and marked as the ones from whom the Messiah was to come. Having rejected the Messiah, however, the Jews have lost their place as God’s chosen people; in fact, the Catholic Church is the new Israel.


Not anymore. The church is the new Israel. There’s no longer any differentiation between gentile and Jew. There are followers of Christ and those who reject him.


Pope Benedict in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul , Turkey .






I disagree. The New Covenant does not cancel the Old. Rather it is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant. The Jews ought to recognize Jesus (Yeshua ha’Mashiach/Jesus Messiah) and become Catholics: but they are still God’s Chosen and God’s promise to Abraham still applies.
It Is prophesied that a day will come when they cry “Blessed be He Who comes in the name of the Lord”.

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