I have been reading about Islam for awhile now. What is the catholic view on Muhammeds teachings? What is worth while in them?

nothing, he is a false prophet that denies Christ. If you want to read anything about Islam and Mohammed, you need to read any of Robert Spencer’s books on Islam and Mohammed. he is well researched, learned Arabic and studies under a number of their schools. he is also Catholic and has been interviewed on Catholic Answers. What ever little good you think you might find is overshadowed by false and violent teaching and it’s very violent history.

Please try to be civil. What ere the violent teachings and bad things he found.

You can start with Jesus did not die on the cross.

Mohammed had 9 wives

There are a few valuable teachings in Islam - they are repetitions of the ten commandments, and the ever-present invocation, “In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful” - although Allah acts with little mercy.

The Koran is viewed as the verbatim words of Allah, valid for all time, co-eternal with Allah, sort of how Catholics view Jesus, or the Eucharist.

Read the ahadith (any collection, and any few will suffice, from either of the sahihayn [trustworthy] al-Bukhari or Muslim) to see Muhammad’s teaching. “On the last day, a Jew will hide behind a rock, and the rock will cry out, ‘O Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, slay him’.” See how Allah dis-adopted Muhammad’s son so he could marry his daughter-in-law, upon which his 9-year-old bride Aisha (Muhammad died when she was 18, after nine years of marriage) remarked: “O, see how quickly thy Lord hastens to do thy bidding!”. Also, “Allah has commanded me to wage war, until all worship is to Allah, and all exclaim that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger”. “I have been ordered that all worship must be to Allah in the Arabian peninsula.” (Thus, why the Saudis allow no other houses of worship or religions, and persecute heavily.) “I have been made victorious with terror”, says Muhammad.

Read chapter 9 (especially ayat 5,29, and read them in context - it makes them more violent and abhorrent, direct, physical commands, not less) of the Koran to see his teaching. “Slay the infidels wherever you find them”: “Whoever slays or is slain in the cause of Allah, his is paradise”.

Read the eighth chapter: “They ask thee concerning the spoils of war. The spoils of war belong to Allah and his Messenger”. “Ye may dislike fighting, but it is enjoined on you.”

Read the 112th chapter of the Koran for Muhammad’s teaching: "Say, he is Allah, the one: he does not beget, nor is he begotten.

I will suffice to repeat only what our Holy Father has asked: “Show me where Muhammad brought anything new, except by the sword.”

I also second the reading of Robert Spencer’s books for a good introduction, and the atheist ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq’s for a more detailed treatment (although Christianity comes in for some criticism in his works, along with all theism, as well).

–An ex-Muslim

Ignorance is the foundation of fear, that we can learn, and Catholics greatest principle is to not judge others, as soo many of you wish “ignorantly” to do…

Now lets not forget the Jewish religion foretells the coming of the promised Messiah, and Jesus fullfills that, but the Jewish rejected Jesus, and what he called for…

to accept the New Covenant, and brought a religion and Church that is infalable under God, to not so much an end, but to a fullment…

the comparison is, when silly people go off playing God and sorting out the muslims, they are really in quest of a power trip that would equate to a sin of judging, to which is left to God and God a lone…but calls for their Judgement, by God…

No bigotry canbe harbored agaisnt the Islamic, their is no place for it, none.

Fault finding, back biting, all agaisnt the Eight Commandment, are mortal sins that would have been seen as sin, that cannot be merely reasoned away…

If you habor a bigotry agaisnt the islamic, then you condon Stanlin, and his demand of a Godless society, and a condoning of Hitler that so many point to as a demon of hate… you have coined yourself of the mind of Hitler, and Stalin, take your choice, or pick both to have the same mind o f for yourself.

It is a strange truth that needs to be recognized, whose knowlege of ourselves is thus liminted, being recognized, we are vain enough to believe we KNOW.
and in that self determined vanitiy, pass judgement on others.

A sin against, the eight commandment, that you have commmited.

Does not similar acts of violence happen in the old testament? Does this mean Judaism and by extension Christianity are religions of violence?

The main point here seems to be forgotten, Kabul, (commonly called Mohammed) was a fraud. Like it or not, what he had to say is not true, so therefore of no value. It does not matter one whit if half the world thinks he was “the one true prophet”. He was just another wannabe, famous because of the gullibility of men. In fact he parallels Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) in many ways.

I disagree. Mohammed was wrong on some things(jesus’ divinity). However he did bring the worship of God (even in an inferior form) to the Arabs and Central Asians. He is like Smith only in that both claim to be visited by angels. Is it not possible that Smith took his ideas on how to start his false religion from Mohammed?

Perhaps this would help?

God bless you.

To this Catholic ;Nothing:D


I was civil. Islam is a violent faith and history, Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and then had sex with her at age nine.

Can I ask what made you want to read about Islam?


Muslims use the Quran as the criteria to judge which parts of the bible have and have not been fabricated. There’s a flip side to that coin, we can use our bible to judge which part of the Quran is good teaching and what part we should stay away from.

God bless,

The teaching about the One God. The teaching of pausing from the hussle and bussle of life 5 times a day and giving prayer/worship to the One God.

The Muslims I know believe the one, but don’t practice the other.

Well I am in a world history class. We have gotten to Islamic history and a Muslim girl has been talking a lot about Islam in class. This also happened just as I got to the fifth book in a series on religion I have been reading which just so happened to be Islam.

Robwar. So does Christianity. Some have estimated the body count due to Christianity to be in the billions. If Islam is a religion of violence then Christianity is too.

That is true the teaching on prayer really struck me as a good idea.

The problem with this idea is that the Arabs and Central Asians included many, many Christians and Jews before Muhammad and Islam ever existed. It is an Islamic fiction to portray Arabia and some surrounding regions as oceans of hermetically-sealed religious ignorance. This was never, ever the case. Perhaps the largest Arab tribe of eastern Arabia, the Banu Taghlib, were Christian (and remained Christian for some time after the rise of Islam), and they were hardly an anomaly. Large Christian Arab tribes also ruled in the Yemen (the Ghassanids) and part of Iraq (the Lakhmids).

In Central Asia, there is evidence of indigenous Christianity lasting into the 14th century in Afghanistan (the Syriac Orthodox had dioceses in Aprah [modern Farah], Herat, and Zaranj since at least the 7th century), as well as in Uzbekistan and other places (sites of both Orthodox Syriac and Nestorian communities).

Is it not possible that Smith took his ideas on how to start his false religion from Mohammed?

Hahaha. It’s funny you should mention that…perhaps you’ve seen this comedic (but compelling) video that wonders the same thing… :wink:

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