Islamic Continent of Europe !!

Muslim Demographics

Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.

Well, my old Protestant pastor, who died way back in 1992, said he thought Europe would become Moslem. It would not be a sincere conversion, as it would be to get their hands on Middle Eastern oil in a crisis eg. an embargo. So they’d toe the line to stay alive, in a climate with severe winters.

He thought Britain and Russia might hold out, Britain maybe becoming Catholic and Russia Orthodox. But they’ve got significant petroleum reserves of their own, although Britain’s are in the North Sea. Whereas Western Europe has virtually no reserves whatsoever, except for Norway and Denmark, offshore again.

I suspect the Vatican might have to shift, maybe to Australia or more likely to South America.

I think that Europe would then be judged severely for abandoning its Christian heritage.

That’s my navel gazing for the day. However I found from experience that most of the pastor’s predictions happened sooner or later.

That video has some incorrect numbers in it. See Debunking a YouTube Hit. Garbage in, garbage out.


Thank you. This video is a sort of scare-campaign by a certain group of christians who are using scare tactics and blatant lies to spread Islamophobia in Europe.
Alhamdullilah muslims are spreading across the lands but not to the extent this video portrays.


Hm, given that a number of Islamic countries (like the Islamic Republic of Iran) have fertility rates below replacement, looks like, eventually, the whole world will be populated by Latin Americans.

you cant blame such sentiments simply on " islamopobia" rather i believe islamist sheiks, scholars and other academics haven’t helped the matters by consonantly stating that Islam will dominate the world (by force of arms if need be) , they will overrun Europe. They further claim that only Islamic moral laws will stop the evils of western n immorality. I even once saw a Yemenite sheik say how Islam was going to invade Europe , destroy the Vatican and Catholicism since no other religion has a right to exist but islam.

Im not making this up i have seen scores of such video on MEMRI and Palestinain Media Watch and whilst such ideologies of hatred are promoted and tolerated in Islamic countries I don’t think muslims can really complain about Islamophobia s many of these such attitudes are its cause!

sad that since Muhammed (pbuh) used to tolerate other faiths quite well…as did the sahaba


As Sharia Law becomes more prevalent in Europe, more and more Europeans will move to the United States. Eventually, the Vatican will become a mosque.

It’s all in the tyranny of numbers.

The Muslims are having five children per couple and the Europeans are having almost none.
The result will be inexorable. Unless the Europeans start having large families … and they had better start very quickly.

It’s really all the fault of the climate change conspiracy, Al.

This is some scary stuff.

if so then why did Mohammad say all Jews must be killed before the day of judgment will come and those who are not killed will hide behind a tree and the tree will say “there is a jew behind me kill him”

the point I was getting at is that there much intolerance amongst some Muslims towards other religions and many of them actually do want world domination ( as I have heard many sheiks and clerics say) so just to blame it all on “islamophobia” and say there are just racists or paranoid like many do is a cop out because there are muslims who are want to take over Europe like this, I have even met a muslim who said how great things will be when Islam takes over my country. . Im not saying all muslims are like that but many are. Islamism is the problem

I agree but it’s amazing what people will believe when they want to hard enough.

If so then why didn’t he kill all the jews living in Medina? Why didn’t the muslims kill all the jews when they invaded Spain?


Mohammad massacred 900 jews after they had surrendered for betraying him and took all their wives and children as slaves. Added to these previous statements about all Jews being killed before the day of judgment will come we get a clear picture of a man who didnt like Jews much for rejecting his religion

About spain, you are forgetting that the moors massacred a lot of jews in spain and Morroco during the middle-ages. In 1011 AD, 400 Jews were killed by Muslim mobs in Cordoba. In 1033, 6000 jews were killed by Muslims in Fez, Morroco. In 1066 Muslims killed 4000 Jews In Granada. In 1465 further massacres of Jews ensued again leaving thousands dead. So you are not one to talk of the moors and their treatment of Jews.

Muslims did all this then hypocritically complain about the Spanish inquisition and go on about how great the Moors treated Jews. What hypocritical nonsense, its just pure lies.

Let us not forget that lying is prohibited in Islam as well. So it comes to no surprise Muslims hypcricially complain about the Spanish inquisition. If through lying you can extand Islam you are allowed to do so. Its a hyprocritical religion to start with.

What do you mean Kaninchen? giggle

Sad, IF he tolerated other faiths that the current leaders are then heretics.

True, if you listen to what Islamic clerics say then you start to get nervous. Europe either needs to start breeding again or wake up to the hostile invading force occupying their lands.

An example of some modern Dutch TV programming.

Europe. Nice while it lasted.

I agree Europe is in serious trouble especially since many Muslims want to remove Europe’s secular government’s and replace them with Islamic theocracies. If such a thing ever happened it would be the end of western civilization. While they are not powerful enough to do it now, all you have to do is look to England where they have sharia law courts now for Muslims which is a very slippery slope.

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