Islamic leader: 'terrorism is not part of Islam' [CC]


The cleric honored by some Muslims as the leading Sunni authority said that “terrorism is not part of Islam,” according to an AsiaNews report.Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam …



There’s a lot of Muslims who haven’t gotten the memo. Just sayin’.


Love will prevail!


I am glad he is spreading the message and hopefully young people will not fall for the propoganda put out by terrorist groups.


This shows how simple misinterpretations can cause all kinds of problems.

It is odd this seems to be the only religion I can think of where so many of the people are willing to fight, kill, and die for their ‘faith’ (even if their version is not correct).


He seems to be ignoring not only a significant part of the Koran, but just about all of their history.

Other than that, it sounds great.


maybe he is a reformist?


I wouldn’t be surprised. There are a goodly number of imams who eschew violence; but they certainly do not eschew the rest of the Koran - they might not kill you if you do not convert, but they certainly can make life exceedingly difficult.

A friend of mine who travels extensively in Europe had a meeting with an imam he knew; in the discussion, the imam stated that there was no need for violence in order to take over the area ISIS projects.

His comment was that within three generations, they will be majorities in those countries.

I have seen people be very dismissive of such statements; generally, they are not willing to acknowledge the state of birth rates in Europe, for example.


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The Imam is following in the ways of the earliest Muslims led by Muhammad. Muhammad had a pact with Christians and according to the treaty of Medina, Christians and Muslim are equals.

Muhammad called a Christian King as righteous…this was wrt the migration to Abbysina. An episode which we see a Christian King take in Muslim refugees instead of taking large amounts of Gold in order to transfer the Muslim refugees to a group of polytheists…polytheists who wanted to destroy the early Muslims.

What Muhammad and the early Muslims faced in terms of opposition was similar to what Jesus Christ and the early Christians faced. See in the story of Sumaya, who Muslims say was the first martyr of Islam.


Got this via email recently. I thought it gave some perspective.

A Hindu family was travelling in a vehicle… A terrorist stopped them, pointed an automatic weapon at the head of the family and asked, "Which religion do you follow?”

The elder replied, “We are Muslims.”

The terrorist asked him to recite a verse from the Koran.

The elder recites a verse.

The terrorist said, “You may proceed.”

When the Hindu family went some distance, the wife of the elder gent asked him, “You recited a verse from the Bhagwad Gita, then how did he let us off?”

To this, the elder replied, “If he had read the Koran, he would not have become a terrorist.”


The only difficulty with that is that the imams supporting violence are exceedingly good at quoting the Koran. And we can start with the Wahhabi sect.


Unfortunately they are not unique. There seems to be an inordinate number of religious talkers supporting violence that are exceedingly good at quoting not only Muslim but also Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist etc. texts.

There’s probably more than a thousand different translations of the Quran.

These two are pretty good and normal.

The Message of The Quran - translated and explained by Muhammad Asad

The Meaning of the Holy Qur·an - Abdullah Yusuf Ali

This one is very deranged. It intermingles hate speech into the text to promote their “message” and appears to be a hater’s favourite. It was a free gift from our Wahhabi friends with the deep pockets.

The Noble Qur’ân - Hilali-Khan

Here’s a short article about some of its problems.


Doctrine of Abrogation.


And how is anyone going to put those last to genies back in the bottle?


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