Islamic music okay for a Catholic?

Islamic music is peaceful, and so are Catholic hymns (sung at Mass). Is this alright? I don’t want to convert to Islam and I find no reason to.

Islamic music is all about praising Allah (God), and ONLY Allah, which I don’t see is a problem to Catholics.

The same how some Catholic music is about Mother Mary (Ave Maria), which I have no problem with also.

I do pray to Catholic music about God, and when I want to pray to Mary I may listen to Ave Maria, knowing in my heart that I do not worship her. Also I find peace in Islamic music and how it can help prayer to God as well.

Does this pose a problem?

My understanding is that music is haram (forbidden) in Islam. It distracts one from prayer and spirituality.

This is certainly true of the Islamic view of music as the ‘West’ thinks of it - in terms of entertainment. Islamic teachings don’t really approach the subject of lifting restrictions on music for the purpose of worship.

Could you possibly be thinking of pre-Islamic Arabian music?


A handful of scholars have permitted musical instruments, but the consensus is that musical instruments are haram other than the duff (as described above). When in doubt, go with the consensus

It should be pretty clear from the above that little or none of the popular music that is available today is Islamically acceptable. It is not just that the lyrics are unIslamic, but also because of the use of musical instruments.

Learning to give up listening to music is very difficult. It is truly a jihad. You may not be able to go “cold turkey”.
First, ask Allah SWT to forgive your weakness and your lapses and to help you do what’s right.

From Al-Muhajabah


I personally would go with Bocelli :crossrc: :wink:

I enjoy listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani Qawwali artist. Qawwali is the devotional music of the Sufi mystics.

I also like Middle Eastern music in general, especially the “Rough Guide” series of CD’s, which give you an overview of a Country’s music. I have the Rough Guides to the music of Turkey, Egypt and Iran (as well as Spain and Portugal), along with Nusrat on my iPod. I have the Klezmatics on my iPod, too, and they all seem to get along :wink:

I’ve been Catholic my whole life, and never considered liking a wide range of music to be a threat to my faith.

I’m sure its fine, I listen to Ravi Shankar, and the Sufi stuff too. It’s beautiful.

I think it’s okay, as long as one is not led to Islam because of it.

Have you heard of Mozarabic Chant? It was also influenced by Arabic music (and some says, Byzantine Chant). It is also quite beautiful, IMHO. :slight_smile:
You can listen to a few samples here.

I’m talking about the Islamic music that has no musical instruments, just the human voice. I find it beautiful.

Here are examples:

More than one voice is always sounds beautiful to me. Whenever I hear this (even a choir) I see people of God coming together to sing (in praise). :slight_smile:

I don’t know the Catholic Church’s position on Islam, but yeah, the music won’t lead me to Islam, but it does bring me closer to God in a way. How we are all different but we are still beautiful in God’s eyes. And we all have a desire to reach paradise.

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