Islamic Objections to Christianity


Islam Objections to Christianity can be found here;

I’m wondering whether to get the book or not. It’s supposedly filled with the “errors” in Christianity as a whole and the Bible. Should a Christain buy this book to see if they could succesfully object to many of it’s claims, or would the book do nothing but brainwash a Christain into becoming a Muslim?


No, I would reccomend “Inside Islam:A guide for Catholics”, I just read it, and i think it is so awsome


A Catholic who recognizes the authority and divine institution of the Catholic Church will not be brainwashed by reading a book. If you know in your heart that the Church can readily defend any accusation, then there is no danger in reading the book. I would read books from both sides (Islam Vs. Catholic and Catholic vs. Islam) to get the whole picture.


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