Islamic school official bashed by 'Jesus'


This seems to be hilarious if it’s true.,20867,20907377-2702,00.html
Islamic school official bashed by 'Jesus’
December 11, 2006
A BOARD member at the Melbourne Islamic school which recently expelled students for desecrating the Bible has been bashed by a man calling himself “Jesus”.

Samir Mohandis, a member of the board of the East Preston Islamic College, said he suffered head injures during the attack by an unknown assailant who entered the schoolground about 4.45pm on Friday.

Mr Mohandis told Southern Cross Broadcasting the man claimed to be Jesus.

Police said the attacker, a man aged in his 30s, appeared to have been holding a firearm.


Not really. They must be met head on, not like this.


I wonder if he just made it up or if he ran into a mentally disturbed guy. I’m still waiting for all the Muslims in the world to apologize for the desecration of the Bible. I would settle for them reading it.


The Lord smites infidels in mysterious ways.


Are you saying it is funny that the board member was bashed?

Who must be met head on?

Why should all the Muslims in the world apologize for some teens being stupid. It was not an official Muslim direction at the school to burn the Bible, these teens took it upon themselves to do it. They have since been expelled, isn’t that what any school should do?

The board member was not at fault at all. The school is on our side, by expelling the students.

Am I missing something here?


Everytime a Christian does something the Muslims don’t like they demand endless and elaborate apologies. Their treatment of the pope comes to mind. Sauce for the goose…

The teachers at that school who are not Muslim indicate this is NOT an isolated incident. It is part of the miliue. They are not on our side.


I don’t think that the poster of the message was implying that all Muslims in the world should apologize for the actions of these kids, but rather for their general disrespect for the Bible and mistreatment of it.

As an example, in Saudi Arabia, a Christian is not allowed to bring a Bible into the country and confiscated Bibles are burned. The Bible is widely held in contempt by Muslims who see it as a defective scripture. Events recorded in the Gospels and the OT are routinely ridiculed (although usually an imperfect understanding and rendition of the events is what is ridiculed).

To contribute a personal anecdote, I was once at an Islamic wedding where a friend of the family delivered a rather lengthy speech. I think it was supposed to be advice to the bride and groom. In his speech, he made time to ridicule the story of Jacob wrestling with God, comparing it to a WWF match and also grossly misrepresented the story of Jesus saying that his mother’s and brother’s and sister’s were his followers and believers. He claimed that we were teaching that Jesus was mean to his mommy.

This kind of thing is commonplace among Muslims who, as an earlier poster pointed out, are the first people to burn their own neighborhoods to the ground if someone on the other side of the globe says boo in the general direction of the Koran.

I agree that the schools actions were correct and even commendable. Because the event occurred in Australia and didn’t make the news in the US, I don’t know how much pressure was brought to bear on the school before this action was taken. I don’t know, but would not be surprised, if the expulsion was not self-initiated by the school but in response to external pressure.

The reason that I would not be surprised is because the Islamic religion does not consider the Bible a sacred book and does not have a lot of room for the toleration of other religions.


The reason they wont let the bible in to Saudi Arabia is cause they might finally hear the truth about Jesus!


The school expelled the students who desecrated the Bible.
I see no indication that any school official took part in, or condoned, the desecration.
Some madman, or some vigilante, took it upon himself to commit a criminal act, calling on the name of Jesus to justify it.
I do not see this as good news, nor do I condone the actions of the basher.


To our Is-la-mist friends,

Bible desecration will really hasten the second coming of Christ as evidence by this “bash.”


I think the “madman” was a planted prank that a Muslim concocted to make Jesus look bad and like a killer. I just bet he is connected to the mental midget kids who desecrated the Bible. They love making Jesus look inferior and small. Especially at Advent!


No he was real. I once had a man approach me and tell me he was Jesus :eek:

From what I have read, the school expelled the children with no outside pressure. We have had a couple of incidents, as some of you may know, where there has been outrage with muslim behaviour. However there have also been muslims who are trying to help us aussies understand the religion, which I appreciate and it is helping. What this man did, was terrible and he should be punished. He had no right to retaliate, the children were punished and it should have been left at that.



What was his gig? Was he evangelizing himself?:confused:


I dont know about the bloke who bashed the school official, but the guy who approached me, first bummed a cigarette from me, then went into telling me how he was Jesus, and how he was going to end the world and he knew things that others didnt :confused: He also said that Judgment day was going to happen pretty soon :eek:


Jesus with a CIG? Oh wow. Poor lost soul, how delusional.

I smoke, but I would tell that “jesus” to make a miracle and make his own.:rolleyes:


:rotfl: :rotfl: I think he may have been a little mental (not being sarcastic either :o ). He just didnt seem all there, besides the Jesus comment. Very edgy guy, he probably would have throttled me if I told him to make his own :smiley:


that poor attacker sounds mentally ill…I sort of know that that is like andI feel bad for him.

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